Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Now, we will move on to dinner.  This may not seem like a traditional Mexican dinnerThere will be no tacos for this meal!  We are grilling rib-eyes "south of the border" style! When the stakes are finished we have prepared a butter infused with all the flavors and spices of traditional Mexican food.  It is the best steak I have ever eaten. As you can see, we didn't grill steaks for the kiddies, they got hot dogs...YUP, I am that person!  
My mother is the lovely person who introduced me to infused butters.   I love the way her crazy brain works!  This spicey butter changes the whole steak eating  experience.  As if the beautifully flavored steak wasn't enough...the side dish
will put you over the edge.  Again, this is a family favorite and all the glory goes to my mother, she taught me everything I know!  If you like fiesta flavor your are gunna love these potatoes!  They are THE BEST mashed potatoes I have ever had. 
Not only are the potatoes loaded with tons of fiesta flavor but, the Avocado Salsa topping is to die for!  These loaded Fiesta Pappas and Avocado Salsa are the perfect compliment for grilled spicy steak. I dream of eating this rib-eye!
 Of coarse, this meal was served with our favorite sides; fresh fruit, chips and several choices of salsa. Many hands make light work.  I love when great minds come together...good things happen!

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