Thursday, April 11, 2013


 Channel 12 and the lovely Emma Jade came to check out our wedding prep. We did lots of fun things check it out!

The last 3 posts have been entirely about  the planning and preparation for a wedding I helped with last weekend.  It was a marvelous event.  The Bride was exquisite, the decorations beautiful, and the evening went perfectly!  I enjoyed every minute of the planning, the work, and the actual wedding.   This wedding has been on my mind for quite some time now that it is over...i am worried about what I am going to do now!?! CERTAINLY NOT LAUNDRY!

The actual day of the wedding was jam packed with activities with lots of people in and out.   First things first.  The light guy.  We used "The Canopy Crew".  They have a fantastic light canopy that really rocks an evening!  We had the canopy  put up over the back yard the day before.  It was a good investment. It changed the entire look  of the back yard. Having the light canopy also solved a lot of lighting problems.  A night reception always has lighting situations...this canopy adds romantic ambiance while allowing your guests to actually see what's on their plate.  The mirrors I used on the tables reflected the light from the canopy perfectlyI loved it, The Canopy Crew did a great job! 
BRUCE GERMAINE, 480-369-2743
Once the light canopy was up, it was time for the tables, chairs, table linens
Then it was time for my favorite part...the flowers!   We have already discussed this but, I will say it one more time...I loved the center pieces! They made me happy! Now, I DO NOT claim to be a photographer, so be generous with the picture on this blog!  I am fully aware of the fuzziness of that photo...I just loved how you could see the lights in the mirror and the mirrored confetti on the table!  
Now, the caterer....we used "Madison Avenue Catering".  They do a great job!  One of my favorite things she did was the drink table.  Her beverages were beautiful.  It was my pleasure to put my flower arrangements on her serving tables! This guy went right in the middle of the beverage table, glorious!  

NancyJo Hancock  602-697-0640 

Dj Ron
 (602) 418-0552

 I don't have a picture of the DJ, the parting, or the dancing that went on at the wedding.  I didn't feel like it was my place to do that.  However, let me tell you, if you want your party to dance, DJ RON is your guy!  Great guy, Great DJ!
The rest of the photos I am posting so you can get a feel of the wedding reception.  BE NICE, I AM NOT A PICTURE TAKER! I AM A GLUE GUNNER!

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