Friday, April 19, 2013


My Mother’s Day Party Prep continues…now that the toppers are done and the bunting is up, it is time to start preparing the runner.  Call me old fashion but, I love a table runner!  I can’t help it!  This runner was been in the back of my mind for quite some time now.  I loved thinking about it, I loved making it, and I will love using it!  I used the same technique to make it as I did the table toppers.  The only difference is that the runner is completely covered at either end.  I love it. 
Actually, I had enough fabric to make two runners. (Love that!) One is an orange dot and the other is yellow and white checked.  So, I my calculations add up correctly, I have cut, folded, and sewn about 300 flowers…I am so glad I am done.  With that said, I am so excited that I now have 2 glorious table runners and 18 fabulous toppers…I could have a huge party!!!  A big, bright, colorful, mismatched flower party!! 
 I don’t know when I will ever need to have one of those BUT, I will be prepared!!!  For now, I will have a beautiful Mother’s Day brunch in the garden.  I am still in the prep stages so…hang on!  For now, rest easy knowing I have the runners done!
 Now, all I  have to think about is brunch, a little Mother's Day treat, flowers, and a killer gift!  NO BIG DEAL!


  1. Shellie, Lanell shared your blog with me and I feel like I've just discovered gold!! Bless you for all your creative endeavors and for being willing to share with everyone. I would love a copy of ALL your recipes!
    Hugs to Claudia!
    Maryann Skeen

  2. Hi Shellie, I found your blog through pinterest! I love all your pretty decorations and recipes! Thanks so much for sharing! (((hugs))) from Mississippi ;)