Friday, May 10, 2013


Mother’s Day is almost upon us…Even though I am a mighty fantastic Mother…I never really think of that on Mother’s Day, I always think of  my own sweet Mother!  Love her and all she has taught me!   Not only has she filled my life with fantastic food, great parties, and tons of laughter (My Mother is quiet a character!) but, she has spiritually and emotionally fill my soul to the rim!!  She is quite a gal!These little ideas are all things that honor my Mother in some way or another and our color scheme was pick around her bedroom colors.  She will look great sitting in bed eating her breakfast.  Even if she is out of bed when I see her...I am making her get back in it so I can bring her brunch!!!  

So let’s begin with  brunch…I super enjoy an orange roll…my Mother makes THE best.  Admittedly, I don’t always want to do all the work she is willing to do.  SOOOOO, I altered the ever famous Monkey Bread Recipe that is pretty much known to the entire world. Sunrise Monkey Bread seriously rocks my family’s mornings.  It is simple, quick, and OH SO fresh tasting! They are gooey and D-LISH!

Anyone who knows me very well knows I love all things BERRY!  This quick and healthy berry breakfast is wonderful and I never get sick of it!!!  The sauce is light and goes perfectly with the berries!!  If your mom is the type that likes a light healthy breakfast...this is perfect.  If she is they type that needs a bigger kick in the morning this will make a great side!  By the way...the combo makes a great brunch!!! 

I really wanted to deliver this glorious breakfast on a fabulous tray…couldn’t find what I was looking for!!  Shoot, I had to make it.  I added handles to frames and reinforced the glass and back.  I wrote a little poem about “Breakfast-in-Bed” and put it in the frame.  I can’t wait to serve my Mother from her new tray! 
The poem is simple but cute and I love it underneath the glass of the tray!  My lovely crazy sister did up some digital mom BLAH BLAH if you are interested in anything you have seen.  I can send the tags and sayings to you with out my stupid name thing on them!

What's wrong with thinking your the Queen? Nothing!  I got out a few crafting supplies to make a crown and my daughter asked what I was going to make.  I told her I was making a crown  for Mother's Day.  She quickly told me that "You can't make yourself the Queen, I will do it for you!"  I had such a difficult time handing over the supplies but she did me proud.  She did lots of cutting, pasting, and glittering!  Then she added lace and gems...a girl after my own heart!  It was a fun project for her to do and she wants everyone to know that SHE made it not her crazy Mother!


Monday, May 6, 2013


I saw a card in Walgreen's that said “Mothers are like buttons, they hold everything together.” I immediately thought “how tender!”  Since then I have seen this sentiment  several other places.  (Apparently, I’m not the only one familiar with this darling little ditty!)  I do not claim to be the genius that coined this phrase, I don't know who it was...who ever you are so cleaver!  I love the idea of this being buttoned onto a gift for Mother's Day.  Warms your heart doesn't it!?!  
I have a ton of old buttons and figured I would make a quick and easy Mother's Day gift from them.  This Mother's Day craft is easy enough for the kids to participate in.  
I chose to make a button bracelet and do it with a magnetic bracelet that comes equipped with  a removable clasp.  
It' so easy to work with, even a "non-crafting Dad could manage to help the kids make this for Mom or Grandma!  No jewelry making skills necessary!  My daughter had a great time helping me load the wire up with buttons!

Friday, May 3, 2013


Click here to see our Cinco De Mayo News Clip

Yup! This hat pic really happened!!  I have learned yet another lesson…I am not so hot in a hat!!!

The Cinco De Mayo ideas and recipes we talked about today on Channel 12 News are found on several of the previous posts.  It's too much info to put on one post.   Our new item of the day is Pinata Corn Cakes…super delicious!  I call them Pinata Corn Cakes because the center is loaded with cheese and roasted green chilies just waiting to be bust out!

The past several posts have been a bit spicy for me!  My whole house seems to smell like roasted green chilies. We have covered some of the Mexican food that is close to my heart.   I say everything is my “favorite”…but, I guess I have a lot of favorites…CUZ these babies are on that list.   PINATA CORN CAKES WITH SALSA BUTTER, YUM YUM  YUM!   

This little trick will spice up a boxed corn bread recipe or add a little extra flavor to your homemade recipe.   The Salsa Butter we talked about in a previous post, it isn’t necessary but, delicious.   The Trick is to wrap a chunk of cheese in a roasted green chili and stick it in the center of the corn bread muffin batter.  
I add an additional dollop of batter where I poked the cheese and chili into the batter.  This was the top of the muffin is pretty…not that you can see it underneath the gob of salsa butter.  This Salsa Butter is phenomenal on breads, meats, and veggies.  To be honest…I can’t think of anything it would not taste good on!