Friday, May 3, 2013


Click here to see our Cinco De Mayo News Clip

Yup! This hat pic really happened!!  I have learned yet another lesson…I am not so hot in a hat!!!

The Cinco De Mayo ideas and recipes we talked about today on Channel 12 News are found on several of the previous posts.  It's too much info to put on one post.   Our new item of the day is Pinata Corn Cakes…super delicious!  I call them Pinata Corn Cakes because the center is loaded with cheese and roasted green chilies just waiting to be bust out!

The past several posts have been a bit spicy for me!  My whole house seems to smell like roasted green chilies. We have covered some of the Mexican food that is close to my heart.   I say everything is my “favorite”…but, I guess I have a lot of favorites…CUZ these babies are on that list.   PINATA CORN CAKES WITH SALSA BUTTER, YUM YUM  YUM!   

This little trick will spice up a boxed corn bread recipe or add a little extra flavor to your homemade recipe.   The Salsa Butter we talked about in a previous post, it isn’t necessary but, delicious.   The Trick is to wrap a chunk of cheese in a roasted green chili and stick it in the center of the corn bread muffin batter.  
I add an additional dollop of batter where I poked the cheese and chili into the batter.  This was the top of the muffin is pretty…not that you can see it underneath the gob of salsa butter.  This Salsa Butter is phenomenal on breads, meats, and veggies.  To be honest…I can’t think of anything it would not taste good on!

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