Thursday, February 13, 2014


I joined AZ Central News and Emma Jade for a Golden Valentine’s Day Party! 

Not only did I take along the party ideas from
my last several posts but, I took Ellen from, Flowers By Ellen! Link to Flowers by Ellen! I was so sad to see how they had edited the segment because the best part of the whole thing was Ellen!  Ellen is a florist (and one of the valley’s most magnificent by the way!)   Her beautiful flowers  were the crowning point of the segment! 
 Ellen is not only a master florist; she co-owns a company called, Three Leaves Organics They make the most beautiful Lavender Sachets!!  The station edited out not only how beautiful these are but, the wonderful benefits of Lavender!!  Three Leaves Organics make beautiful sachets that can easily be tucked into a dozen roses or as an extra bonus to a vase of flowers.  Long after fresh flowers have faded, the lavender sachet lingers romantically.  A sachet can be put in a drawer or closet to keep clothing and personal items fresh and smelling fabulous.  There are so many beautiful benefits you really should check out their website!
The following posts have the information that we talked about in the segment! 
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