Tuesday, February 4, 2014


I get sick of the same stuff over and over…I like constant change!   I am a wretched woman and realize that this is both ridiculous and wasteful but, it’s still true!  That being said, my Valentine decor has been haunting me.  It's not that I don’t like it…I just want it different!  With the help of a couple of coats of gold spray paint I revived my old garb, and am happy to say,   I LIKE the results! I bought a couple of outdated pictures at the thrift store. 

 I bought them both for 8 dollars.  Once they were home, I removed the glass, washed the frames, and painted the frames white. Next, I spray painted the mats and out- dated art work.  Mats usually are attached to the picture inside the frame.  Most people don't know that the mat can be spray painted.  I have resprayed a mat many times in effort to update a picture.  Remember light coats!  It's a great trick! In this case I sprayed right over the mat and picture.  They both took the gold spray paint very well!
After everything was dry, I put the mat back in the frame. Next, I glued red glitter hearts that I have had around for years.  These kind of glittery hearts are available in varying sizes and shapes all over.  Just about every store has one form or another...and super cheap! The smaller heart screamed for a cupid's arrow.  This I made from a twig from the tree in the yard and glittered paper.  I broke the arrow in half and stuck it right in the heart. 


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