Wednesday, February 5, 2014


A Big  Juicy Kiss...who doesn't love 'em!?!  well, besides my children, they seem to always want to escape a big juicy kiss.  They will, however, with pleasure except this juicy offering!    We rocked this fancy Apple Juice  bottle with a bag chuck full of "kisses" (the chocolate kind!) and a darling gold glittered Valentine message. This is also a good one to put on a juice box for a lunch box Valentine surprise.

These tags are so adorable that glitter really isn't necessary. Is glitter ever really husband would say no!  Clearly I enjoy a glittered love tag!  
Now...not only does this little love tag go great with any type of juice it also works well with a guilty little pleasure called "Juicy Fruit"! Heck, YES!  Gum of the Gods!  We love a little Juicy Fruit Gum around our house! 
My lovely and super crazy sister made said juicy love tags and is happy to share them with us! Enjoy!  

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  1. Thanks, Shellie! We made these yesterday and they turned out sooo cute! I can always count on you for cute ideas! P.S. you look amazing as always!