Saturday, February 8, 2014


A little gilding never hurt anything! However, this gilding was done the ultra cheap way.  Seriously, this year I had exactly NO dollars to put into Valentine decor and yet…every year I seem to want something different!  Why am I this way!?! Truth be told, I spent about 15 dollars recreating my old Valentine decorations into this gilded masterpiece!  It may only be a masterpiece in my eyes but, it is my home, so only my opinion matters!  That is what I love about HOME!
My lovely sister had left over gold spray paint in her garage, she generously donated to the cause.  This spray paint made me happier than it should have!  I have painted nearly everything I could get my hands on! One quick spray and this old jar and I were friends again! I do love it! The cupid arrows are sticks off my orange tree.  They were sprayed gold and then I added a gold heart and glittered frets. Because they were basically "free" I made a ridiculous amount of them.

Tissue paper is so cheap, comes in every color, and is so multifunctional it is not even funny!  I wanted a gold swag and tissue paper was the cheapest option!  Along with three packages of gold tissue paper, I bought a package of red glitter hearts at the dollar store.  That’s all.  I did already have gold ribbon so I guess that is sort of cheating!  You will need ribbon! 

I only used one package of tissue paper for the swag.  The other two packages I used to make tails for big balloons.  Talk about big bang for your buck!  Party City will fill these giant balloons up for 4 bucks!  Love them, love their tails! I added about 5 red glittered hearts to the balloon as well...they proved to be too heavy.  I just left the top glittered heart and it worked fantastically!


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