Friday, February 7, 2014


The strawberry is by far my favorite Valentine fruit since…well…I guess pretty much forever!  Chocolate covered strawberries are at the top of my list closely followed by strawberries layered with short cake and sweet whipped cream.  Fresh strawberries are always a fantastic "non-candy" Valentine option!

No matter how you serve them…strawberries are always  a “berry” sweet treat. 
My daughter will love fresh Strawberries and a little yogurt for breakfast on Valentine's Day. Fresh fruit is always a good option for a holiday that swims in chocolate and squishy cinnamon candies.  However, if you have to do a candy treat these “berry” sweet tags will tie onto any berry flavored candy…and there are many to choose from. 

These tags are easy to print and don't have to be put on a straw!  They are darling without the ribbon and glitter.  We would love to share them with you!

Click here to have the "Berry Sweet"  tags sent to your email!  

Not only am I a fan of the chocolate covered strawberry, I am in love with the ease they provide when decorating a cake. I think they make everything pretty!  Turns out my frosting skills are  a little rusty...chocolate covered strawberries cover a multitude of frosting sins! (Except for the swipe out of the side of this cake...Obviously I missed a spot!...I think I am tired!)

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