Monday, February 10, 2014


Bringing things back to life is a favorite pastime of mine.  I re-purposed this Vintage lamp in order to hold fresh flowers for Valentine's Day!!! Could these flowers be any more fabulous!?!  NOPE!  I love these.  I have a lovely friend, ELLEN, who is one of the valley’s best florists!  Simply said, her work is excellent!  You really should check out her website.  Flowers by Ellen.  

I was talking to Ellen a few weeks ago about a new project I was working on.  She and I work wonderfully together and I have found several of her suggestions not only useful but, genius!     
 I bought several  glorious old lamps. I figured with a little work they could really rock for Valentine’s Day and beautifully hold fresh flowers!    I took the lamps completely apart, cleaned them, and removed the wiring.   
Then, I replaced the light bulb socket with a glass bowl.  The glass bowl I used was actually glass taken from an old lighting fixture.   I was the perfect fit because already had a hole in the very center where it would have been attached into the ceiling. This allowed me to attach it very easily  to the lamp.   Once the bowl was secured, I couldn't wait to get it to Ellen so she could make her magic happen. In all of her glory, Ellen filled my new re-purposed  lamp until it over flowed and fresh flowers dribbled down the sides!  Thank you Ellen!!!

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