Thursday, February 6, 2014


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 Click here to have this tag sent to your email!I saw a darling pin last year… Some fantastic genius spray painted ABC refrigerator magnets gold.  Killer idea!  Those little beauties have been rolling around in my head for quite some time now!  I finally had to give it a whirl.  LOVE them!  Listening to the romantic whisperings of cupid himself… “LETTER” KNOW YOU LOVE HER! I am a cheese…guilty as charged!  

You better believe these  ABC Love Letters are headed right to the elementary school for the teachers.  I bet they get sooooo sick of cheesy little gifts…oh well! 
I for one will be the happy recipient of a bag of these gilded beauties.  I think Grandma would also be another old gal who would really deserve to receive a love letter (Or bag of letters!) 

 The ABC letters can be pretty sneaky!  And what I mean by sneaky is... Not all ABC letters are created equal!  I ran into several types of ABC letters that do not have magnets.  Their packages super lead you to believe they do with caution! Once again my lovely and SUPER crazy sister made these adorable love letter tags. She is (as always) super happy to share.  Gotta love her!

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