Friday, October 25, 2013


Halloween Party!!!!!! YEAH!  A little early celebrating never hurt anyone!  Games are always a good place to start! 

First, “PUMPKIN PUTTING”,  Such a funny game to watch!  Not a bad game to play either.  The object is to swing the pumpkin in the black lace stocking and hit the giant golf ball.  This game can either be played as a team relay, a one-on-one race, or into a bucket for accuracy.   I have simply purchased knee-high black lace and fishnet stockings.  There is a small pumpkin place in the toe and then the stocking is tied off. Another knot is tied at the top of the stocking. (I have also tied cute ribbons here) this knot will act as a handle of sorts.  The lace and fishnet stockings are very elastic and bounce really good.  It takes a bit of coordination to get the pumpkin to swing right. 

Next, “HAUNTED HANDS CANDY GRAB”,   Again, I love watching this game.  This can be played as a one-on-one game or as a relay race.  Each player is to race to get witch fingers on each of their fingers.  Once they have witch fingers on, they race to unwrap a piece of candy.  They winner is the first player with the candy in their mouth.  If playing as a relay, once the player has the candy in their mouth they take off the witch fingers put them back in the bowl and the next player on the team takes a turn.  The game is over win there is a team with each player completing the task. 

What is a party 
without food?  Grandma LaRae Belnap in Idaho shared her “White Chicken Chili” with our family.  My sister makes this often and it is D-lish!  It quickly became a family favorite.  The good news is, it is an easy one.  I love with good flavors come together with little work!  It is served with fresh cilantro, cheese, fried tortilla strips, and or Frito's. (Cheater Alert!!!!! As a bonus factor: it also works well made the day ahead and reheated.) I served this White Chicken Chili it from a black witches caldron... which of course made it look super spooky!  

I know they get enough candy and treats really are not necessary, (here comes the big BUT) But, my daughter and I enjoy making things together in the kitchen.  She is still young and so I find things that she and I can do together that make her feel like she is cooking up a storm.  I love that she likes to be in the kitchen with me!   
These are all easy to have the kiddies help with.  I melt the chocolate and let her dip.  She loves it! 
 I like to buy anything orange that can be dipped in chocolate for our Halloween party.  It always looks festive and we love them!  These are fun treats to have out for a party or package up to handout to friends.   
 On a healthier side...not that the following suggestions are healthy.  They just involve fruit and at Halloween, that means healthy! I have also put together a dried fruit and nut mix.  This is a mix of tropical fruit; mango, papaya, pineapple, and banana.  There is also coconut, raisins, and salty nuts.  I bought the dried fruit and chopped it so the pieces would be consistent with the raisins and nuts.  Next, I spread the mixture out on a cookie sheet and drizzled both regular chocolate and white chocolate over the top.  This will need just a few minutes in the fridge to allow the chocolate to harden.  This can be served in a bowl with a stack of party cups on the side.  It also packages well as a gift.
We have also made some Caramel Apple Spiders this year.  I usually don't make them because the kids eat all the caramel off the outside and through away a huge nice apple.  I hate all the wasted apple. This October, Walmart carried the tiniest apples I have ever seen!  They are only about two and a half inches, adorable! I couldn't resist!  We used floral picks as sticks.  The floral picks are black, glittered, and had a giant spider on them.  I figured since you don't eat the core of the apple, it didn't matter what we used for the stick!  They were dipped in caramel and then in crushed Oreo's and were then drizzled with chocolate.  Perfect size...perfect treat, hopefully no wasted apples! 
 We are almost ready to party!  We will have good food, good treats, and good time! Happy Halloween!

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  1. I love seeing all of you! This is so fun. Thank you for giving me credit for the chili recipe it was fun to hear and see my name. Happy Halloween!