Thursday, October 24, 2013


Ok, so…I am confused! When something says “no sew” doesn’t that mean YOU DON’T HAVE TO SEW IT!?! I am just wondering!  Maybe I am missing something, but just about every fabric pumpkin DIY I have seen still requires me to sew.  Now granted, it is not always with a sewing machine, but does call for a thread and needle.  This is still sewing to me!  I was in the market to remake fabric pumpkins this year.  I searched and searched and could never find anything that I didn’t have to sew. I know it sounds lazy…but, facts are I didn’t want to!   
So, I went back to using my tried and true method!  This is truly a “no sew” fabric pumpkin.  I will also admit that my brain works in mysterious ways and this method makes perfectly good sense to me.  You may find other methods suit you better! Making the first one may seem a little strange to you, keep going!  They are super easy and go together quickly!  I am not a professional fabric pumpkin maker.  Nor, am I an excellent “explainer” of my crazy processes.  I am afraid you will have to make the best of it! 

I will also have you know, I used recycled fabrics.  I am a thriftier, what can I say!  

For the leaves, I use a square of fabric, (sizing depends on how big your pumpkin will be, the bigger your pumpkin, the bigger the square!) I usually  use a square of fabric about 10x10.  Next,  fold the fabric wrong sides together in half and then in half again right sides together.  This makes a nice finished edge that can be used as a leaf.  I then gather the “unfolded” edges leaving the folded point up. 

The fabric for your pumpkin will need to be in the shape of a rectangle. (longer in width then in height) Experiment with this, the wider the piece of fabric, the bigger the pumpkin.  I have made many using fabric that is 36” wide and 18” in height.  Place the fabric face up with the long sides positioned horizontally and place pinched leaves in the center of the fabric.  Now, begin to gather and hold the fabric around the leaves. You may have to do this a couple of times to get the hang of it.   Once this is done, I use a hair elastic to secure the ends.

Now gather the other end and secure with a second elastic.  If you feel like you need to secure this, you can put hot glue around the elastics.  I have never had one come undone.  They are always very tight!
There will be a slit in the gathering from where the sides of the fabric met.  This is where you turn your pumpkin right-side out.  All you have to do now is stuff!  Here is my secret…I don’t buy bags of fiber fill.  They are always more than 8 or nine dollars in my craft stores.  I buy cheap pillows at Walmart.  They are usually around 3 bucks and can stuff a crazy amount of pumpkins!  Once my pumpkin us stuffed, I use a little fabric glue (hot glue works well also) and seal the opening.  These go together so quickly I have a hard time knowing when to stop!  I always do too many!!!!!

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