Thursday, October 24, 2013


I did some quick updates this year.  They had to simple because I didn’t have a lot of time!  Plus, I am getting older and I get tired a lot easier! I did several things this year that will be simple for me to save and re-use them again next year.  Storage is a problem so I always have to keep this in mind.   My Halloween tree was looking so sad.  It had to get a face lift.  He got a thicken layer of black and white fabric bows.  I really liked how the bows “beefed” up the trunk and added quick color…cheaply! It secrainly was in a sad situation if you ask me.  I know some are fond of the simplicity of a sparse tree.  I however am not one of you. 
Now, it needed a few new decorations.  I wanted to make little treat packets the kids could take off the tree.  I simply did this by gluing the sides of Halloween cards together and attaching ribbon so it could hang.  This is a simple but cute way to give a treat to someone.  No matter what holiday, this technique can be used with any purchased card or just folded paper.  However, I usually buy a pack off cards.   

The stores always have cheap packs of cards or invitations in their dollar sections.  Sometimes buying cut paper can be more expensive then buying then cards.    I also gathered black tulle, grey lace, and added a skeleton head to the center.  AW!!! I am in love!
  While I was ripping dollar store skeleton heads off their bodies,  I thought of something funny for my tree!  I think I am super funny!  These skeleton pumpkin bellied guys are hilarious to me.  I took the little cheap skeletons apart and stuck their legs, arms, and head in the appropriate places.  They were secured with hot glue.  I also love their collars and bow ties.  They were hung with twine.  I could not be happier!

I also made simple black glittered pots that held tiny glittered pumpkin stems I found at the dollar store.  The tiny bit of black and white polka dot fabric is probably my favorite part!  These were also hung with twine.  These little guys are not exactly my favorite but, they did help cheaply fill my tree and add great texture and color.    You always need cheap filler.

Next: quick pumpkin decorating.  I am going to admit that sometimes I forget to carve the pumpkins! They sit undecorated on the porch, how disappointing. I think I do this accidentally on purpose because I hate gutting them.    
This is a “just-in-case” preemptive strike against my unwillingness to acknowledge pumpkin carving!  This year if I accidentally on purpose forget to carve them, they will at least look like we meant to do it!  My daughter loves rearranging their little costumes!  Here is hoping she loves them so much, I don't have to carve them! 
 Our giant pumpkin is just wearing a big hairy mustache!  It is great! It sort of reminds me of like a creepy mustache wearing uncle or a flashback from my childhood...This looks like the mustache my dad wore while I was growing up...can anyone say, EWE!?!

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