Thursday, October 24, 2013


Another Halloween…Oh, how I love Halloween!  There has been a LOT going on at our house in preparations for the big day!  Let’s begin with the WITCH!  I remember as a child I would watch my mother make witch faces out of pantyhose…Super weird, I know. However, also super cool!  My mom helped me make one of my own about 15 years ago.  The poor girl had seen better days and so, I ventured out on my own to make new witch!  Having a pantyhose witch in my home is pure selfish, I am recreating my own childhood Halloween memories.  And, so it is…I am diving deeper and deeper into the realm of becoming my mother!  It is a good thing I like her, she is where I get my crazy!

Making a pantyhose witch is all in the imagination!  Plus, a little trial and error!  
 Get yourself a pair of pantyhose.  (I don’t even remember the last time I bought a pair!) Stretch them out a little.  I would not go as far as to say put them on!  Next, stuff the “buttocks” of the hose pretty good.  Once stuffed, tie the waist off with a knot.  Then, tie a knot in the bottom of the head using the two legs.  TA-DA!  The beautiful beginning!

 When you are deciding how to create your witch face, imaging where a face might “go in”.  The sides of noses, nostrils, eye sockets, chin dimples, cheek bones.   Using doubled thread,  (or Floss) a giant knot, and a long needle, begin creating.  This may take a little practice.  Don’t be afraid…the uglier they are the better! 

I love making a weird chin, deep cheek bones and of course, a WART! I like two warts; one on the nose and one on the chin.  Once I have tugged and pulled her face how I want it, it is time for eyes.  I used black felt for the eye sockets and the biggest googly eyes the craft store had to offer! I also used felt for a generous eye brow!  And for the finishing touches, I added a little depth with some powered blush.  Isn’t she a beauty!?!

For a wig, I cut and stretched an old black t-shirt.  Once I had enough bulk, I tied the stretched pieces of t-shirt together in the middle.  I also gave her new t-shirt wig a haircut, the old girl needed some softening around her face.  She needed a little aging so I also added a layer of white “hair” using the same method! 

Her body was created using crossed wooden sticks.  The horizontal stick would be used as a base for shoulders.  All it needed was a little bulk.  I am super tricky and duct taped a pillow to the frame.  This gave my witch plenty of bulk for a body and a hunched back. Her head was then tied on above the shoulders using the left over length of the pantyhose legs.   
Then…cloths! I used a black nightgown I found at a thrift store.  All witches need hats!  A few more accessories and she it perfect! (feather boa, a broom, and feathers in her hat)  I love her!  My six year old daughter asked me to move her from the family room because she did not want the witch looking at her.  She does create quite a presents.

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