Thursday, April 25, 2013


 I have so anxiously jumped into Mother’s Day that it may seem like I have forgotten all about Cinco De Mayo…but, I have not! Cinco De Mayo may not be on the top of everyone’s party list but, it is ours. Living in Arizona, you quickly come to realize that Cinco De Mayo is an important holiday.    Some years we have gone out to eat at a Mexican restaurant.  Sometimes I make enchiladas, tamales, or tacos at home.  Either way it is always celebrated…mainly because we love, love, love the spicy bite of Mexican food.  We are surrounded by fabulous Mexican restaurants but, in my crazy Mother’s tradition, there is nothing that beats a homemade meal!!!!!   

I just finished my party prep work and I can already tell that I am going to love this party!  However weird it may seem, the first thing I did was plant new succulents.  I absolutely adore succulents.  They are beautiful, low lying, and the perfect complement for a Mexican themed party.  Plus, they required very little water and are difficult to kill…that is a bonus for me!    

I have these little green burlap bags that I thought the succulents would look fabulous in. They were super cheap and adorable…how could I not!?!  I used coffee filters in the bottom of the burlap bags to hold the dirt and allow the water to drain.  Succulents need to be in well drained dirt.  These little sacks are perfect!!!  I will put one by each plate (they will make a cute gift for guests to take home) and then use some as a center piece.  I can hardly get over how much I like these.  To save money, I bought bigger succulent plants and divided them.  They divide well.  Once that was done, it was time to set the table.  I found some great glasses at the Dollar Store.  I don't normally find myself needing a cactus glass but, for this occasion and only a dollar a piece, I sort of had to!

This holiday is generally celebrated with colors that are bright and beautiful.   That makes it easy to put together a table from dishes I already have.  I will use my green plates from Christmas, the orange napkins from Halloween, and with these nifty new cactus glasses we are set!  I have also used a blue and green appetizer plate from my "summer/pool" themed dishes.  Bright colors just seem to always blend well.  I also bought these great Mexican sodas.  They are so beautiful!
 The other fantastic find for this party was a stack of sombreros I picked up from  the dollar store.  I tied a hat  onto each of the chairs and also left a stack out for my guests to put on. Let me tell you the kids love them and I am finding that it's hard for them to leave them alone

The hot pink table cloth added a much needed kiss of color, the dishes all mixed well together, and I am pleased with the succulents on the table.  I am excited for the party and think the table turned out perfect for a patio fiesta!  Our last outside dinner was a teensy bit of a drag because I forgot about the dang bugs!!!  I am all ready for Cinco De Mayo with "bug repellent" candles.  That is am important detail...those dang bugs are gunna want my salsa!!!


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