Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Center Pieces for a wedding can be stressful.  Fortunately,  I had a great time planning these wedding center pieces.  Once I had everything ready I practiced inside several times moving things around to get them just the was I wanted them before they went out before they went out to the tables.  Doing this makes it easier to have people help you. They just simply look at the example and copy  it!  This saves time in the last minute set up and I don't have to answer any questions.  I left the example sitting on the counter (see picture below) so those who were helping new what I wanted.  
 What I see in my head doesn't always actually happen.  This time it did I was so happy with all the center pieces and flower arrangements I could hardly stand it...and fortunately so was the BrideHalleluiah!!!! 
It was the happiest day of my life (in my decorating life) that I found these mirrors.  
I had been looking all day for the right mirror for the tables.  I had found several I liked, unfortunately the ones I  wanted were WAAAAY too expensive!  I had to find a suitable substitute!  Turns out, I was walking down the isle in the last store I would ever look (seriously it was the last place I looked that day!) WALMART...DUN! DUN! DUN! These are actually bathroom mirrors.  I loved the beveled edge and they are the perfect size to sit in the center of a round 60" table. 

My favorite day is flower day!  I order flowers from Costco, and they never disappoint.  Their floral department is always a pleasure to work with!   I am able to place a large order of  flowers, filler, and greenery.   Do I need to mention their fabulous prices!?! Thank you Costco! I had a ton of flower arrangements to make and I spent the day before the wedding making them. I love those kind of days, I really wish I had more days like that flower day!  Perfect in every way!
I had them all organized into groupings and when each one was complete they were returned to their proper group and sat beautifully waiting to go out on the tables.  I put the air down in the kitchen so the room was nice and cool through the night.  The flowers had just the right amount of time to open a little before the wedding.  I was so happy, it was a good feeling to  have everything done!  I couldn't wait until the wedding!  I dreamed about flowers all night long.  I think I was as excited as the bride! 


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