Thursday, April 18, 2013


Mother’s Day!!!! What?  Seriously it can’t be that time of the year already…but, IT IS!!! Is there any time of the year more beautiful!?!  I say, NOPE!  I am preparing what will be a fantastic Mother’s Day Luncheon but to be honest, these are probably my favorite thing that I have ever made.  Each on can be used as a topper or folded and be used other ways.  They are approximately They will be used over and over, for all occasions.  I made 18 table toppers and each of them are different and yet all the same!  Weird, UH?  Not to me. 
While all of these fabrics are cotton, each one of them are a different color and pattern.  What ties them all together are the very raggedy trio of flowers sewn to each corner.  I just wanted these to be toppers, not full cloths.  They are a great size and are very versatile.  Not only can they be used to add a little color to a table, they can be folded and hung to make a killer bunting!  
 I loved making these and I will love using them even more!  I love the weird mixture of colors, tones, and patterns.  FUNKY, BRIGHT, and FANTASTIC!!! These are simple to make, easy to store, and add great color without breaking the bank.  They can be layered on a table, hung as bunting, or even line a bread or muffin basket.
The best part about these toppers, besides being so versatile, is they go together quickly.  Now, before we get much further, we should talk about how I am NOT a seamstress!  I am a quick and dirty user of a sewing machine.  I hate, hate, hate following a pattern, I want to make it up myself!  I have learned however, that although I also hate to iron, it does help tremendously when sewing and now I never skip this step.  (although I want to really bad!
I started  by measuring and cutting a square of fabricFinished they are 24 inches square.   I added and inch to each side when cutting for seam allowance.  Next, I turned the edged twice and ironed them flatThen I ran it through the machine, paying particular attention to the corners.  Now...for the fun part, THE FLOWERS!   

Easiest, laziest flowers, love them!  I need them to be easy, I made tons of these little guys.  I used left over strips of fabric about 1 to 1 1/2 inches thick.  Folded each strip over three different times (as seen in picture), pinned them on the corners and sewed them down.  A triangle works best in the center of these flowers and holds it down nicely while allowing the petals to be fluffy!
Each of the corners of all 18 toppers got 3 flowers.  It took several hours to finish but, I loved every minute of it.  The flowers needed a little bit of a leaf...shoot, more work!  But it was necessary.  I cut strips of green fabric, tied them into bows and carefully sewed them between each flower.  Although they are bows, they play the part of leaves extremely well!  LOVE THEM, ALL 18 of them.
I got several of them hung on ribbon that I tied over the side garden.  This is where we will be eating.  I made so many, I have plenty for putting on the table and using as accents for serving.  Now all I need is napkins and a table runner....HUM!?!?!?  More work!  They are so colorful, they even look fantastic at night under the garden lights!  LOVE THEM! 
 I am still working on the menu, that will be coming soon.  For now, I will be satisfied with the toppers. 


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