Monday, April 29, 2013


We have the Mother’s Day Celebration planned… now for the gifts.  The gifts always seem to be the hardest part for on Mother’s Day for me.  What do you give your mom?  There is no gift in the whole wide world that I could ever give my Mom that would be sufficient.  How do you ever properly thank your Mother?   
 Well, my lovely mother would answer the best thing I could do for her was to be a good mother to my children.  Isn’t she sweet!!! However sweet that is…my name would be MUD if I didn’t come up with some sort of gift!  I have always been the type to make a homemade Mother’s Day gift.  It is a little “kindergarten-ish” I guess but, that is the way I roll!!!! For years my mother has received homemade gifts from me and my children.   
This year will be no exception!  My daughter and I have spent the afternoon crafting some pretty fantastic Mother’s Day gifts.  She is proud beyond measure at our finished product.  I don’t think she will be able to wait until Mother’s Day to give them to her grandma’s!  I am hoping it stays a secret for at least a little longer.  
We chose to make bracelet corsages at gifts for Mother' Day.  They super easy to make, go together quickly (If you are not making it with a 6 year old!), and they are adorable. 
 I tried to help my daughter with the needle and she refused help.  She stuck herself a few times but, the flower she made actually turned out pretty good.   I had to fix just a few small things about it.   
Once the flowers were made, I hot glued the a big sparkly button in the center, and glued it to a stretchy pearl bracelet.
This is a good project for her to learn with.  The stitches only need to be loose gathering stitches.  The perfect project for a beginner.  They bagged beautifully in small burlap bags.  Our grandma's are gunna love them!

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