Monday, April 22, 2013

MOTHER'S DAY, The table is set!

The devil is in the details…but, OH, how I love the details! These specific details were especially fun to make!  Don’t ask me why, they just were.   I continued the flower theme from the toppers and table runner into the center pieces, napkin rings, and accessories for the glasses.   I made the same flower I had made over and over again for the toppers and table runner only I sewed them to green strips of fabric. 
The strips of green fabric allow me to tie the flowers around napkins as well as the glasses. 
 Lets be honest,  the glasses are fanatastic and colorful all on their own.  They did not need the   fabric flower addition.  What can I say...I love a theme!  
A couple extra fabric flowers never hurt any one! With this thinking dominating my mind I also used flower ties as napkin rings. No big deal!!!!!!!! 


I unfolded the napkins and gathered it in the center and then tied the strip of green fabric into a bow.  The flower tied on the glass and the flower tied on the napkin did not match! I like the randomness of the "un-matching" flowers.  The next issue, a center piece.  Center pieces can be a total drag…I want something simple, adorable, and it is always a bonus factor if it is useful!  

 I was at the hardware store and saw these galvanized buckets.  I instantly fell in love! They look great on the table and serve as buckets to hold bottled drinks.  They make my heart so happy!  Easy and cute…what a combination!!!  I feel like the buckets go fantastic with the casual look of my fabric flowers.   I tied the bucket handles with scraps of left over fabric and ribbon.  I also tied a scrap piece of fabric onto a bottle opener and hung it on the handle.  Each bucket got its own bottle opener.  
The sewing is done, the table is set, and now for the cooking!!!!! YEA!  Truth be told...I am so nervous when I cook for my sweet Mother.  Even after all these years I still get intimidated when cooking for her.  She has taught me everything I know, she is always gracious, and  I shouldn't be worried about feeding her...but, I am!!! Especially on Mother's Day. One thing is for sure, I will  feel good about her sitting at the table

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