Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Every detail must be attended to…so the wedding preparations continue!  I have a true belief that there is nothing that a little spray paint can’t fix! Many  couples receive numerous cards as gifts, we needed a place to put them.

 I was out and about one day and found this great metal container.  It had a lid that was easily removable and was a great size for the deposit and safe keeping of  wedding cards.  Although this metal container was almost black in color, I really wanted to use it. There is nothing that a little spray paint can't fix! Our bride wanted to use gold tones so a quick trip down the paint isle and we were set!
 Spraying  it with a champagne gold paint was a cinch.  I left the lid unpainted in the picture above so you could see the original color.  Next, all it needed was a very light spray of  fine glitter.  
The glitter was so  light you could hardly tell it was there ...it added a soft shimmer.  Once it was completely dry, I glued bling around it in two different places and a third little tiny piece around the finial on top. Now, this grand guy needed a tag that read "Cards and Well Wishes".  Turns out my sister, a digital master, hooked me up!   It looked great on the table and was chuck full of cards and well wishes by the end of the night!  I was so pleased! 

This gem ribbon is easily ordered on line but, I have also seen it at the craft store.  Truth be told, I  used it on a number of things in the past and several things for the wedding.  Mercury glass vases are quite a bit cheaper when bought "un"-embellished.  The ones that are all dressed up can get pricey.  I didn't bling everything... but, just about!  I showed great restraint.  The little globe vases were screaming for a bit of a shiny necklace and the taller vase (that was going to be used on the drink table) needed to be more important , so it received some "blingage" as well as a large gold piece of gold jewelry.  With just a little bit of lovin, this plain mercury vase became one I adore
Hot glue is sufficient to keep this securely on.  I found that it cuts easily so it can be used in any width.   I can't say enough about it.  If you need to dress anything up this stuff is the way to go
Not all the mercury was dressed up with bling.    Some of it was adorned with bows and ribbons.  We loved the idea of having lanterns hanging in the trees.  The big trees that hang over the yard  provided us with the perfect opportunity to add romantic lantern lighting.  We took the afternoon two days before the wedding to hang the lanterns.  Once they were properly hung, I added coordinating ribbon to jazz them up.  The lanterns we used were all different.  
Different sizes, different textures, different shapes.  When it comes to stuff like this we shop at discount stores to have our money go further.  Lanterns can get pricey! When you gather things this way, you don't always get exactly what you want.  But, by keeping in mind the mercury and gold theme we had going, we were able to buy them slowly.  We bought a lantern or two when ever we saw one that would work.  
By the time the wedding had arrived, we had plenty and they all looked great together! Between my sister, my mother and I,  we have collected a really nice collection of lanterns!  I love that!

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  1. Where did you find the metal container? Super cute idea!