Saturday, January 19, 2013


This year for Valentine’s Day I “revamped” my old standby heart wreath.  I have had it on the door for the last couple of years.  I love it, don’t get me wrong…I just get bored! It was time for a little lovin’ to an old favorite.  It was quite easy and I already had the shiny heart wreath…so it was really inexpensive.  
 Even if you don’t have the wreath, they are under 20 bucks…most craft stores accept coupons so you can get them as cheap as $10.00. All I had to do was buy burlap ribbon.  I wanted pink burlap ribbon.  That however, is not as readily available as the red.  I could have ordered it BUT, I was impatient today…I wanted it done NOW!!!  
 All I did was gather the burlap by pulling one of the threads of twine.  It gathers it beautifully!  Just be a little gentle, sometimes it can break if you pull too hard!  DANG! Once the ribbon was gathered I used the easy hot glue method and glued that ruffle right on the back of the wreath. To be honest, I really liked the wreath at this point.  It is darling.  However...I can't leave well enough alone...I usually go overboard! 
 I then ruffled natural burlap ribbon and glued that to the back of a smaller hanging heart decoration.  It was cute darling as well.  I will be making several more of these little guys to hang around the house.  
  I then layered those two together with my glue gun and added a burlap bow.  I like the added length the tails of the bow make.  I think the length looks good on the door.  EASY, PEASY!  I like the new look.  It looks great with my new runner…I might have to make another one for the inside the house! It was a very satisfying morning project.  I have plenty of burlap left...I wonder what else I can make.....??????

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