Thursday, January 3, 2013


Love is in the air!  I barely have the glitter from Christmas vacuumed and my heart is already aimed towards Valentine’s Day!  I am always looking for quick decorating ideas.  There are a couple of things I use as an automatic “GO-TO”   when I am making a beautiful Valentine’s centerpiece or quick and easy table decoration.

The first is a flower that I love this time of year: CYCLOMEN. 
 I bought mine at Home Depot.  They are fairly inexpensive.  Cyclomen can be planted indoors or out.  I can begin planting them in the winter where I live because we hardly go below freezing.  However, if you live where the winters are cold, they can make a great house plant.  I love them for their upward facing flower that resembles a heart.  At least to me! 

I can plant them in pots to sit on the porch, if I need a quick table decoration…I just bring the little guys in.  I love the way they look.  Tiny little heart flowers…What’s not to love!?! Weather these are a porch flower or houseplant they truely are adorable!

The next thing I do is buy cheap roses from the grocery store.  I don’t display them as people typically do on Valentine’s Day.  Please, don’t get me wrong, I love a bouquet of traditional red roses…I am just in love with them this way. They look beautiful as a centerpiece or on a serving table.  I have used old silver punch cups for the roses to rest in.  I have used 2 to 3 rose buds per cup and filled it in with babies-breath and greenery.  The glittered hearts are from the store.  I got 6 for a that! 
I bought 2 dozen roses and 2 packs of glittered heart picks.  The roses were 9.99 a dozen and since I am such a genius, I can quickly add up that I spent like 22 bucks!
 I was able to not only fill this double layered plate but, I also have several other little guys to set around. Can anything be sweeter?


  1. Of course Love is in the air. Hey Shellie I am the craziest person for the beautiful fresh flowerslike roses, tulips & orchids. This Valentine's day I would like to captivate heart of my lady love by presenting beautiful bouquet of tulips. Hows that????

  2. Any flower with the word "lips" in it's name has to be perfect for Valentine's Day! Good Luck!