Friday, January 25, 2013


There is one flavor I love at  Valentine’s Day,  spicy little  Red Hot Candy.
 As a child I remember receiving Red Hots and Conversation Hearts.  They had been stuffed into tiny white envelopes by grade school friends.  This was the beginning of my my love for  all things cinnamon.  The love only deepened as my Mom would help us make a giant heart shaped sugar cookie for my Dad.  We would frost the cookie with pink frosting and decorate the top with Red Hots.   For some reason that sweet smooth frosting with bites of hot cinnamon candy was a pure Valentine delight!!  I wait all year just to recreate the sweet and spicy taste of frosting and cinnamon candy. 

This year I am recreating that flavor in a cupcake.  
 I crushed Red Hot candy in my blender and added it to my cake mix. 
 The tiny Red Hot pieces melt into the batter when it is cooking.  This leaves the cake moist, sweet and with a spicy kick of cinnamon. 
 I decorate them two different ways.  Some of my family are the frosting type…for them I pile it high!  Really high! For those more interested in cake, I leave the frosting at “normal” levels and load the top with Red Hot dust…OH I love the bite of that Red Hot dust! I especially like these cupcakes with accents of  a cinnamon jelly candies.  
They are adorable just mushed into the frosting or they make KILLER Cupid arrows.  
Sugared cinnamon candy might just be the most perfect candy ever created on the face of the my heart it even beats out chocolate.  Sorry! 

Not only are they delicious but they are versatile.  They are a great cupcake and sugar cookie accent. They make an adorable Cupid's arrow.  Have I mentioned...they also make a great candy KABOB!?!?! 
YUP, they do! The heart Kabobs make an adorable center piece, a take-a-way token, or a great Valentine! 
Once the candy is all skewered, put the remaining pick part into a paper straw and push the straw up into the bottom of the last heart.  Then wrap them, bow them, and put a tag that reads; "Hearts aline on Valentine's Day"  
I also use old fashion candy sticks.  They are all over the Internet and  simple to order.  However, I found these at Walgreen's!  Seriously!  They are 3 for a buck.  I remember them being way cheaper than that when I was a kid...but, that was a long time ago.  They look so fantastic! 

 The plain candy sticks are cute all by themselves but,  I do like to dress them up a little bit.  It is a great way to use any leftover scraps of ribbon.
I like when candy can also be  used as a decoration.  It is like getting the ultimate 2 for 1 deal.  Anytime I can use 1 thing for 2 purposes  I get excited.  That means less work for me.   Both of these treats will look great at my party and also be fun to give out to my guests.

Well, while we have explored a couple of "candy stick" options...we haven't directly discussed the "SUCKER".  I think this Valentine treat is hilarious!  I mean seriously I realize the cheesy irony behind Valentine associated candies but...honestly, who has not been here!?!
  I for one have been a "sucker in love".  The Slang Dictionary For The English Language defines "Sucker" as gullible or easily tricked.  It also means; one who would do anything.  "Sucka" is also listed as an accepted substitute for the original slang word "Sucker".  Ever felt like a sucker before? Maybe this should be the gift you are giving this year!  I am certainly a sucka for the one I love!

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