Friday, January 11, 2013


Not all treats were created equal! 
  However, this giant sugar cookie and layered red velvet punch cup cake are good enough to make all other Valentine's Day treats a little jealous!  

 Each Valentine’s Day my Mom would let us help make for my Dad.  As a child this cookie looked as big as a football field.  I had never seen a bigger cookie in my life.  I remember thinking we were so much fun.  As a child I thought my Dad loved that we made this for him.  As an adult I found out that he was only mildly amused.  Super glad he went along with it.  He made us feel so fantastic about our Valentine’s offering!  I loved making this as a child and in-turn my love helping me make it. 
 This is a recipe she cut out of a newspaper in 1969 when she was 16 years old! This is a tried and true recipe!  The original recipe was in an article titled something like, “A way to a man’s HEART is through his stomach!” It was all about women cooking for their man.  Funny! I doubt we would see the same article written today! 
 This cookie can be made into any shape.  It is just hard enough to stay together and yet soft enough to eat and enjoy!  I use a cream cheese almond frosting with it. But, any frosting would work.  

You can't have cookies without milk! I like to serve a Valentine's Day cookie with gobbets of milk. It just seems a little bit more like love that way!  This little jar gets filled with additional milk just to be fancy! 

I bought a dozen glass punch cups from the Goodwill. 
Goodwill has a 50% off sale every other Saturday.   These little guys were only 30 cents a piece.  I love them.   They are a great size and hold about the same amount of cake as a cup cake.  Serving them with cake in them is a lot of fun! Any color of cake would look good, I just thought that red would be perfect for Valentine's Day.  YUM!
 This looks beautiful and works well in goblets as well.  I just used a cake mix.  I use chocolate milk instead of water.  Butter instead of oil, and always beat it really well.  The whipped cream and cream cheese filling is what makes this romantic little guy so delicious!  I also put chocolate chips into a baggie and melted it in the microwave.  Once melted, I cut off the tip and squeezed out heart shapes onto wax paper.  I cooled them in the fridge.  Once they were completely cooled I stuck them into the top of the whipped cream...that screams I love you...RIGHT!?! They look great on a plate stacker.  

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