Wednesday, January 23, 2013


After making my Valentine’s Day wreath and table runner I had lots of burlap paraphernalia lying around the house.  I will be having a Valentine's Day party and these new additions will make it a real "hearty party"  I can’t throw stuff away…I keep every scrap thinking I could one day make something out of it.  I rounded up the left over burlap and made a few additional Valentine crafts. 
  Super easy and a fantastic use of left over scraps.  
I used about 1 yard of the giant burlap ribbon to make fans for the back of my chairs.  
If you think making them out of paper is easy, you should try using this stuff.  It folds and creases well  and is stiff enough to keep it's shape.
 I admit I like these so much they will not only  be on the chairs but, several other places as well.  
They hang well on wreath hangers, so there are all sorts of possibilities.  However, there was still lots of left over scraps of burlap fabric...what to do? Well...Love envelopes, silly!

I am not sure what type of treat will go in these yet, but my mind is spinning with all sorts of options.  They were simply to make and only took about two minutes to cut, iron, and sew one together.  That is including the sewing the red burlap heart on the front.  I will be the first to admit that these envelopes are a bit on the rustic side.  I  don't mind their homemade appeal. 
I made them two different sizes.  The bigger one is a great size for a treat and the tiny one is  perfect sized for a love note of some sort.  Now, who do I give them to?  

 I really enjoyed making the new wreath, the new table runner is sublime but, somehow the scrap crafts wind up being my favorite! I guess it is true what they say...  One man's trash is another crazy person's treasure. (That is what it is...isn't it!?!) Love my new treasures. 

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