Monday, July 2, 2012


I know I am getting old! Don't look at the wrinkles, just the earrings.  :]
Do you think my earrings are too big?  I shopped all morning for suitable earrings to wear to my 4th of July celebrations.  No luck, SHOOT!  I wanted something extra special for the 4th and could not find anything close to what I had envisioned. If  I can't find what I am looking for I am left to create it myself.  Turns out I shouldn't have wasted my morning shopping.  I got exactly what I wanted with one trip to the craft store.

 I bought these glitter star picks.  They were pretty inexpensive only about a dollar a piece. They are exactly what I am looking for in a pair of earrings for the 4th.  I took the pick out of the bottom, drilled a tiny whole in the top point of the star, and put in a silver fishhook style earring.  TA-DAH!!!!!  Crazy big glitter star patriotic!  I am almost done with our preparations for the 4th.  Just a few more things.

Just finished my 4th of July center pieces.  I will have several groupings of these out by the pool and on the patio.  These buckets are from Home Depot.  I use them quite often when I am having an outside party.  I just fill them half way up with ice, put the fun stuff in, and then add more ice on top. This big multicolored spray is from Hobby Lobby.  The little stars and tinsel are simply balloon weights.  You don't have to use such a big spray in the center if you don't have one.  I think a couple of balloon weights from the dollar store and fun drinks look great alone .(Like the bucket pictured in back) But, if you have it flaunt it, and I had it so I flaunted it! I love a functional center piece. 

I am going to buy additional bottled beverages for the adults who will be celebrating the holiday with us.  I have not made it to the store yet.  The bottled drinks look even better in the buckets, but I have to have something for the tiny people too.  My fingers are crossed that when all is said and done,  I don't have a red or blue carpet stain. When 20 or so of your party guests are under 12 it is bound to happen!  The buckets will have to sit in the laundry room until the party but I can check them off my to do list.  :]

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