Tuesday, July 3, 2012


 A festive head piece is always a necessary item for the 4th of July.  These mini hats are an insane amount of fun.  And, as usual...I went a little crazy making them.  I have a daughter who can't wait to get her little mitts on one of these.  I am cruelly making her wait until the big day! Some of the hats I glued to head bands and some I left to set around on the table.  I have found that they set nicely on the top of a glass jar!  I think these little guys are a little sweet spot for me this year!

I bought the mini hats at Party City I would like to do a big shout out to all dollar stores in America.  (Is there anything more patriotic than a quality dollar store, I say NO!) They had great headbands this year.  I also bought just about everything shiny you are seeing at a dollar store.  OK...so what I did is cut apart those balloon tie weights.  They are fancy and have all that stand up doinger looking sprays of tinsel and star garland. So, there you have it, I cut all the crazy stuff off a balloon weight.   I actually decorated about 6 hats with one balloon weight.  A person really should not get as excited as I am about a balloon weight. I can't help it, stuff like that excites me!  I tied several different ribbons into bows and glued them in layers to the brim of the hat.  Then added all sort of different patriotic bits of shiny things, giant star glitter picks and even feathers. The tinsel stands up and gives the mini hat great height.

The pieces of tinsel curled when I ran my nail over it! DARLING!

Unfortunately,  my local party store only had 3 of these darling little patriotic buggers.  I needed to make several more and had to get a little creative.

This is where it might get a little weird for those of you who don't understand being desperate for needed supplies.  I guess what "they" say is true, "Necessity is the mother of all invention!"

 I used my bread knife to "saw" the bottom and top from a Pringles can.  I believe it makes an excellent substitute for the plastic hat I bought from the party store.  I  then cut circles from poster board and felt to serve as the brim for the hat.  I got out my trusty glue gun or blister maker as I like to lovingly refer to it as and glued the can to the brim.  Who knew a greasy chip canister and old poster board would make a killer [that means really good] looking 4th of July hat!?!? ME! YEA!!!

Now all it needs is a shot of red spray paint and we will have quite a festive little hat. I used both the top and the bottom of the chip canister. I do have to admit I was a little worried about the plastic lid from the top portion of the canister.   However, I am happy to report that the plastic lid behaved and took the coat of paint very well.  I did have to glue down the lid before the paint.

All it took was a little love and some spray paint and this little guy is as cute as the others!  After using both the plastic hats from the party store and my little homemade version of a hat, I have to admit that even though the canister hat was a little more work, it held up better to hot glue.  I had to be careful not to burn and melt the plastic.

I hope your head is festive this fourth! 

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