Saturday, July 14, 2012


These may be mini but have major flavor!  Mini  Root Beer Floats are a family favorite.  Alright... I admit....Mini Root Beet Floats are a favorite of some of our family.  Some of us (who will remain nameless) would like a 32 oz. Root Beer Float instead of a 2 oz. Root Beer Float.  I don't understand that thinking...DUH... the mini ones are cuter!  Plus, there is little to no guilt eating a mini float.  I am in to no guilt these days! 

My favorite part to these little guys is the crushed Root Beer Barrels on top.  They give the float an increadable Root Beer taste! I put a handful of Root Beer Barrels in a plastic baggie and give it a couple of hard slams whit my mallet. The crushed Root Beer Barrels are so deliciously spicy they give the float a  extra needed KICK!    Sprinkle  the bits of barrel liberally on top of the foam. They are obviously heavier than the foam and will crush the foam...don't freak out...just re-pour a little more Root Beer on top.  The foam will rise to the occasion again leaving the bits of barrel on top. Delicious! I LOVE the little crunchy bits of Root Beer Barrel you get right at the end of the Float.  They are KILLER good! Happy Floating!  :]

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