Thursday, July 5, 2012


Well, the 4th is now the 5th...what a day!  Time to clean up the party!!! I hate the aftermath of a good party.  Our 4th of July celebration certainly was patriotic and the kids had a lot of fun.  They especially enjoyed the layered drinks.  I am pretty sure they  thought I was a little magic.  This is something I will defiantly do again.  Super easy and the kids are so amazed.   When layering a drink the secret is to first, use a full glass of ice.  I like to use the Sonic ice.  Just drive thru and pick up a few bags.  The best part is you won't even have to get out of the car! NICE!!!!   When pouring, begin with the beverage with the most sugar for the bottom layer.  Then add layers that have less and less sugar.  With this drink I used a fruit punch for the bottom layer, next Sprite Zero, and finally ended with a blue berry diet sports drink.  Good Times as usual. I went a bit crazy this year.  Go figure!?! We made these  newspaper hats.  Sort of a kick back to my childhood days.  I remember making these at school and wearing them in a parade.  Just about the cheapest craft to do with kids.  One newspaper goes a long way.  I bought a few packages of random stickers and shiny things from the dollar store and BAM! You have yourself quite the Liberty Hat!     
I had left over pompom balls from the newspaper hats.  We utilized them by hot glueing them to a pair of red flip flops.  We loved these last minute additions to the holiday.  I was overjoyed with the yummy treats my crazy sister brought to the party.  Seriously KILLER frosting!!!!!

Red Velvet Cup Cakes.  To be honest, I licked the frosting off and chucked the cake.  :]
After a great day of swimming, Bar-B-Q, and family, we cleaned up (only a little) and headed out for fireworks.  

Happy Birthday America!!  Land that we LOVE! 

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  1. No one throws a party like the AZ Hawkins/Bowers!!! So many cute ideas :) Josie saw the picture of Aggie and said oh I love that girl. Tell her she says hi.