Friday, October 26, 2012


The table is I just have to wait!  I really wanted to use the burlap table runner I made a few weeks back. (The instructions for the runner is under a post called; NO SEW BURLAP BOW TABLE RUNNER)  I know burlap and gold are not typical...but I feel like they worked well here!

 This years table is a bit fancy and yet the burlap gives it a natural kick that I really like.  I made this arrangement to sit on the dinning room table until the big day.  I know, I know... it is not an appropriate Thanksgiving  center piece for the actual Thanksgiving dinner. It is entirely too big to see over. It will, however, look fabulous until the big day. I have made a lower version that will replace this one on the actual day.   I used all of the same flowers, picks, and natural accents that I did earlier when I made the wreath and arrangements for the front door. The fall picks and flowers are all on sale at the craft stores so it can be done pretty cheaply. 
 The Thanksgiving center piece I made for the actual dinner is sort of a cheat.  It is a quick and easy center piece.  It serves well because it is both beautiful and functional.  A center piece should be in scale with the table and at a heigth that is low enough to see over. Who wants to talk thru a center piece? The best view really is from above....
I tied two large bow out of burlap ribbon.  I left the tails a pretty long.  I wanted them to lay almost the entire length of the table.  
 Lay them across each other like below.  If you will notice there is a ruffle of burlap underneath the two giant bows.  This is not necessary, I just had I used it. 

 Then just start shoving the picks in.   I put some of them under the bows and a few smaller ones in the folds of the bows. 

I simply nested the white pumpkin in the cross section of the two burlap bows.  

Next, I "fluffed" the bow parts of the center piece.  I wanted it to be as full as possible.   Last, but not least....a little gold glittered leaf. This gold leaf ties in the center piece and the little squash that sit on the plates.  
   This center piece is quite easy. It is only big bows of burlap with picks shoved underneath.  The white pumpkin just sits in the middle of the bow. It could not be easier.  
 I loved using these little squash on the plates.  I bought them in the produce department at Walmart.  I simply tied a gold glitter leaf on the stem of the squash with a string of burlap.  Another fine mix of bling and natural! 
 The squash were about .80 cents a piece and I bought a pack of  8 gold glittered leaves at Hobby Lobby for $2.99.  
 The gold chargers run about $1.99 at Michael's, the glass plates are from the dollar store, and the gold and white plates came from World Market...I have had them for a little while.  They were in the clearance section for .50 cents a piece.  I love me a good clearance section!  Sorry to disappoint but, the napkins are a high quality paper napkin...I don't want to do one more piece of laundry than necessary.  When you have a good disposable option...use it! 

Next project...the kids table!!!

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