Thursday, November 8, 2012


This year the Thanksgiving children's table will be bright and happy.  I wanted it to be fantastic but, not too elegant.  Pumpkin orange and bright green will dress this Thanksgiving table for the youngsters perfectly.  Heck, I would want to sit at this kids table!!! I love the colors, they put a happy fresh face on a normally brown holiday. The orange plates are the same plates I used for Halloween.  I love items that can be friendly to several holidays.  The  bright green polka dot plates have been pulled from the "Christmas dishes" stash I have going on.  It keeps getting bigger and bigger!  

 I have to admit... my favorite part of this Thanksgiving table setting is the bright orange napkins.  I made napkins using several different patterns of orange fabric.  I love them! I love that this table is a miss-mash of plates, colors, and fabrics.  
  They were a breeze to make.  The hardest part of this project is the ironing.  (not that ironing is hard...I just don't want to do it!) These napkins are the perfect project for a beginner!  Straight is that simple!
 Fold raw edges in twice and iron flat.
 Pin in place and straight stitch.  DONE!

 The different fabrics and mixture of plates makes my heart happy!
 Above the table I hung pumpkin tissue balls.  I know tissue balls are not typically used over the Thanksgiving table but, I think the kids will like them.  

 BTW...I wanted to try the Martha Stewart tissue pumpkin kits.  If you are in to save money...these kits are not the way to go.  If ease is what you are all will like these just fine.  Here is the only problem...I found there was NO way for ME to make the tissue paper pumpkin look like the picture on the package.  The way I got them to be fat and full is by doubling the amount of tissue given in the kit.  The kits are put together to make 3 tissue pumpkins...I had to use the equivalent of 6 "pumpkin tissue balls" to get 3 full pumpkins that looked like the package!!  If I am going to put up a tissue pumpkin...I want it glorious... not mediocre
 The burlap cornucopia craft project I made will fit in just perfectly at this bright table.  The giant orange candies are pumpkin malt balls and the white are chocolate mints.  I was able to pick these both up at the candie store in the mall.  Love these...the kids will too!
 I had a difficult time deciding on the specifics of the table.  I had too many different combinations...tiny pumpkins on the plates...tiny pumpkins in the basket.  Orange pumpkins in the basket, stacked,
 OR lined down the table with no basket.  Seriously...what is a girl to do?
 I guess I have a few more weeks to decide the final resting place of for the pumpkins and Thanksgiving center piece.  I am betting that not one of the kids will even notice or be judgmental of my Thanksgiving setting choices!?!  Clearly I have a few decisions to make! 

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