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When my teenager was a small boy he said to my mom, “Nanny, your tree couldn’t be any merrier!”  He was about 3 ½ years old. Even the little guys appreciate a merry atmosphere.   I don’t believe she has ever received such a genuine compliment about her Christmas presentation.  His eyes were wide with excitement as he sat  in front of her Christmas tree.  I come from a family that made a pretty big deal over Christmas.  The trees were loaded, the house smelled like cookies, and the nativity dress-up box was stuffed to the max with shiny bathrobes and long shiny beads.  Making things "merrier" has always been a part of my life.  

I have gotten an early start with my merry making this year.  There are a few things I found on line that not only  saved me time and money, but relieved me from  the frustration of fighting crowds.  Plus, this way, I always get what I want!
 I I found several worthwhile products this year.   I was delighted with my order.  I ordered fantastic little appetizer forks, adorable "Santa Soda Pop" stickers, and great little gift boxes, all of which are fantastic and definitely going to make Christmas a little merrier!  The tiny red and green forks were right around .80 cents a box.   (box of 24) Excellent buy!  I can’t wait to use them!  I have a killer meatball appetizer that is screaming for tiny forks.  These are gunna get a lot of merry making action!

The soda stickers were too adorable, I could not resist!  They come in packages of 12 with 4 varying styles. The package of 12 cost .99 cents.  (So, basically really cheap).  I could not print out this many labels at home for that cheap.   I could not wait to get them on the soda bottles.  I was a little disappointed at the strength of the “sticker”.  They needed a little glue.  However, I didn’t mind, like I said, I couldn't have bought paper and printed them out for cheaper.   I figured they would make darling gifts.  I wrapped the soda boxes with wrapping paper and simple ribbon.  If you know me, expect one of these to show up on your door step. 

I can’t resist a tiny box.  These are adorable.  They are a cheap little box but, do their job fantastically!  I bought a couple of different types.  The red and green polka dot little guys are the perfect size for a couple of chocolate dipped oreo cookies, a cake pop, or some other delicious little treat. They say "good things come in small packages"...well, when the "good thing" isn't so hot, it helps when the small package rocks! 
 I bought the bigger striped boxes for things like; toffee, caramel popcorn, and it even makes a great “gift box” for a bottle of hand soap or lotion.  I have thoroughly enjoyed my Oriental Trading order this season. Who new!?!
Next, is my order from  They have fabulous burlap bags, all sizes, all shapes, all colors. I ordered giant burlap and smaller red and green drawstring bags.  My wrapping is covered this year…covered by burlap that is!  They have great colored burlap ribbons as well…I love the green spools I ordered.  My only regret…I wish I had ordered more! I will most definitely be making another order. is another gold mine! I bought several wide rolls of burlap which made killer giant bows for the tops of my trees.  Don’t worry about quality; it is one of the best burlap purchases I have made.  The Edges are finished beautifully!  If you have a couple of days to wait…order it online! 
The last hot topic I would like to cover is the “fancy straw” craze that has taken over  the craft/baking world.  ORDER THEM ON LINE!!!  They are difficult to find in quantity in local stores…at least where I live!  I have bought them from Etsy and a number of other places. ORDER ON LINE, WAAAAAY CHEAPER and you actually can find the colors you need. That is all I have to say about that! 

Glass jars always make things Merrier!  This year’s glass jars got a unique and inexpensive twist. An easy go to... Curling ribbon.  I didn't even curl this stuff myself.  I bought a couple of precurled giant white  bows from the Dollar Tree.  In my eyes this jar looks like a merry jar of Santa beard...wait actually saying that in print sounds twisted.  CUZ...a jar of Santa beard would actually be gross!  SHOOT! Anyway it's working for me!
  Walmart carries the cheapest fake snow around.  It is right around $2.50 for a giant bag.  I like to mix snows.  I buy one white flaky snow and one white iridescent snow.  I use 2 parts flake white snow and 1 part iridescent.  You can find them in the miniature Christmas village section.  Fun way to fill a jar! I also use the fake snow as a base for the jars that I put a little house setting in. 
 The cheap dollar Christmas village houses sit in a jar nicely.  I like mine a little simpler looking then they originally come, so they got a shot of primer and Glitter Blast paint.  A tiny Christmas house and a little snow…what more could you want...well, a few sparkly trees of course!  They too are a dollar or under in most craft stores and of course the “Mart”. Boy, how I love a magical snow setting! 
If you don’t want to get that complicated…just one lone little ornament makes quite the statement.  It says, "I am fantastic all by myself!RIGHT!?! 
And there is always candy…the kids love the candy jars.  I have had my fair share of chipped glass wear this way.  Be cautious putting the jars in places little hands can reach.  They can’t resist a peppermint taffy…I Don’t blame them , neither can I!

On line shopping does me right!  I would feel bad for my debit card but, I have been very careful placing my orders this year.  I did a pretty good job keeping it inexpensive.  Remember, I doesn't have to be expensive..,just thoughtful!   #WINK!

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