Monday, October 15, 2012


I spent this morning sharing some of my HALLOWEEN PARTY  IDEAS with my dear friends on the Channel 12 morning show.    It was (as always) such a pleasure to be with them.  This is the link if you are interested.

FYI...the following contains all the fun things we talked about today. 

For beginners...The giant pixie sticks. is huge plastic tubing of is Halloween!  They are cheap...they add height to my table, and they are adorable!  Well...after I changed the packaging a little.  If I am going to put time and money into something I really like it to serve two purposes. It makes a killer Halloween decoration for my table and it serves as a "take away" for all my little guests. I basically am killing two Halloween "birds" with one giant stick of sugar!  LOVE IT!    
 I cut paper 2"wide by 4" long.  This was the perfect size to cover the wrapper of the Pixy Stick. 
 I used my trusty glue gun and then made sure I pinched the paper tightly on either side of the straw.
 I glued left over scraps of paper, ribbon, and stickers to the new black glitter wrapper.
Then I got a little tricky and instead of making all square wrappers, I made some of them flags and banners.   I love each one!  
 I stuck the pixie sticks into a tall glass jar with candy corns. The candy helped to hold them in place. 
They were perfect and fun.  They would be a fun and simple craft for the kids to get involved in!  
 I have to admit...I play favorites...I can't help it....this next thing is such a fun craft to make for Halloween. 
 Candy filled Hanging Halloween Paper Cones  
 Treat Stuffed Paper Witch Hats
Either way they are darling! Both begin the same way.  With a 12"X 12" piece of paper.  Cut in half diagonally.

Turn the paper right side down. Fold the 45 degree angles (1 & 3) together.  Open the fold to see crease. 
 Fold both sides down at the 90 degree angle (2) to match the middle crease.  
Now, refold the original center fold.
Lay it on a flat surface and using a straight edge mark a straight line at the top of the "cone" and cut off excess paper

 TA-DA!...easy peasy!!!
 Over lap open edges and glue in place.
For Hanging Paper Cones...punch holes in all tree sides and add ribbon and knot to hang from.  After ribbon is tied add feathers or any other type of trim.  (I used my hot glue gun!)
For the Stuffed Witch Hats...use a larger circle for the brim of the hat.  I can't cut a perfect circle...I have to trace it. (boo-hoo)  I used a cereal sized bowl.   
 Next I stuffed the cone part of the actually holds more candy than you would think. 
 I then glue the cone to the circle and add trim...NICELY DONE!!!
 Ribbon can be expensive so I use scraps of paper like I would ribbon... when I can.  (basically...when I know it will be torn apart for the candy!)

 They are all fantastic.....and make my heart happy!

 Oreo Cookie.  I love me an Oreo Cookie...especially a cute one!
 I found these adorable striped candy containers at the craft store.  They are the perfect size for an Oreo cookieIt is all in the presentation. 
I love those Oreo cookies on the sticks...they just take so much time!  I don't always want to work that hard.  I melted chocolate chips and butterscotch chips and drizzled it over the cookie.  The sprinkles make these instantly cute! the way always makes things taste better!
And of course...ribbon!  

The drinks are not only darling but taste fantastic! They are a mixture of Walmart Pineapple Soda, (surprisingly delicious BTW!)  Diet Crush, and whipped cream.  It is really good! The kids love these!

 The secret to layered drinks is using the liquid with the most sugar on the bottom and having the glasses filled all the way with ice.  When you pour the second layer pour it directly onto the ice.  

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  1. this makes me homesick! I love your creativity!