Thursday, October 4, 2012


.........IF YOU SET IT....
 Oh, I crack myself up!  :]
I love a well dressed table.  It is my Mother's fault.  I remember her setting a lovely table with china and goblets.  She would then prepare a wonderful meal and dress us all up. (She had 7 children, that was quite an ordeal!) She wanted us to know how to behave at a "nice place" for dinner.  Her philosophy is, "You can't expect a child to act in a way that has not been taught." Learning was a process that happened at home.  Not in public. We were expected to behave in public places, and she took the time to teach us at home first.  I admire that she took the time to prepare us for what we might encounter. I can't say I have always acted appropriately but, I do know how!
  Funny time after we had "supposedly" learned how to act at the table, my parents took us out to a  nice restaurant.  I remember feeling quite important.  I was wearing a beautiful royal blue taffeta dress with a giant bow that tied in the back, white pantie-hose, and shiny black shoes that clicked when I walked.  I feel like the dinner went very well and we were all excellently behaved..well, CRAZY sister (who is a year younger than me) reached underneath the table and took off her pantie-hose.  She flung them up on the table with a big smile thinking nothing in the world was wrong!  Guess my mom didn't get to the part about not flinging pantie-hose onto the middle of the table!?!   That's on her!  Long story to tell you I love a dressed table.  Sorry!
 These orange plates are from the dollar store. 
I loved these black and white plates and decided to mix and layer.  
I was a little worried that the orange back ground of the tiny plate clashed with the pumpkin orange of the bigger all evened out.  There were so many shades of orange going on it didn't matter. 

 I also used the little domes.  Mainly because I had them but, also they are soooo cute!  I will be placing a spooky little appetizer under these little guys. 

Are the headstones necessary?..No..but, I wanted them. 
 I purchased the creepy "blackish" netting and headstones in the Halloween section at...WAIT FOR IT...the dollar store! SURPRISE!  I have seen them all over but never cheaper than there! 

I tied the netting in bows on the chairs like this;


 Then the headstones...they make me happy! I glued a little dark ribbon to the back of them and tied them on underneath the bow.

The napkin rings are floral picks from Michael's.  I bent the wire into a nice smooth circle, added a little glue, and PRESTO...Killer napkin rings! I got them on sale so they were only like 1.25 a piece!  NICE!

I used and old candle stick for a glorious center piece.  I needed a little height and boy, did I get it!

 I put a golden jeweled cake stand on the top of the candle stick. Then I made an arrangement that stuck out of it. I added some drippy black twigging, a white glittered pumpkin, and of coarse... color appropriate ribbon.  Oh, I also used the same picks in this arrangement that I have used for napkins rings. I love a little repetition in design. 

My favorite part of the arrangement is the little dangling crystals.(All right, they are plastic but, I don't know what else to call them.)  They are so perfect!
 Beneath the tall pumpkin center piece I placed poison bottles and various glass jars filled with Halloween sweets.  All of this sits on the ruffled table runner I previously made. 
I hung my wreath and garland from the hutch behind the table.  It just sort of felt right!
 I love the combo of wreath and garland!  Sometimes I really like me and sometimes I really hate me...this is one of those times I really like me!   :]
If you want a seat at my table there may or may not be room...I have a lot of guests "dieing" to get a seat! HAHAHAH!  :]

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  1. Shellie Beans,
    This is spooktacular! HA! I wish we were neighbors so I could sneek over the fence and peek in the back doors to look at your creations! I really LOVE them! Miss you. I'm craving pho. and camping. we suck that we didn't to that more when I lived 3 miles from you. Gay.