Sunday, September 16, 2012


Well, I ask you...what is Halloween without treats?...just tricks...NO THANKS!!!!  I like the treats...I like treats that are as cute as they are good.  These are just a few easy Halloween favs for a killer party.
 Do I really like a huge sucker?...NOPE! But, they sure look fabulous on my Halloween table!  The thing is...don't give them out until the little kids are leaving your house. STICKY MESS!  Let them eat it at can be their parents problem.
 The suckers came from the dollar store...SUPRISE!!!! I am a dollar store shopper, so what!?!  :]  The supplies are simple and few.  I use a piece of 12"x12" piece of paper.  I cut a piece about an inch wide and fold it (seen below).  I glue the two ends together and drop a dot of hot glue right in the center. 

Pretty self explanatory.  All bunched together they make a great center piece. The suckers look so cute at a party and the kids love to get them.  I have to admit...I hesitate for just a second when giving giant suckers away.  I want to keep them all for myself.  I am always trying to figure out a way to store them and put them out again the next year.  That is the hoarder in me.  No little kid likes to go to their crazy aunt's Halloween party and not be able to eat the giant suckers.  That is just mean!  I can't help it...they are just so darn fantastic! :]

Chocolate Witch hats...adorable!  So easy. 

 I start with BUGLES.  They are a little salty and pleanty crunchy.  I think the "Bugle" should be best friends with chocolate.
I pick the ones out of the bag that have wider openings.  This makes a more even hat.
If you notice, I have drawn circles on a piece of paper and placed it between the pan and the parchment paper.  This way my witch hats are all the same size and I can get a more even circle.  I begin by filling in all the circles with melted chocolate.  I like to use 1/2 chocolate chips and 1/2 butterscotch chips.  It tastes so good with the salt of the bugles.  I like this little mix WAAAY better than plain chocolate. 

 Next, I dip the entire Bugle in the chocolate. 
Once it is all covered, dip the end in orange sprinkles.  This makes a colored band for the witch hat.  I hold the very tip of the bugle to dip it. Once I have placed it down, if my fingers have messed the top up, I can add a little chocolate to the tip of the hat.

I also dip the end in a bowl of glittery sugar sprinkles.  This makes them fancy!
Now I place the on the Bugle on the circle of chocolate that I had previously made.  Don't worry about the chocolate hardening too fast.  It will be fine. 

Now into the fridge to harden up.

Final step...on to a plate or Halloween cup cake.  They are great all by themselves or make a darling cupcake topper!

A little plainer version of the "Bugle and Chocolate Witch Hat" is a treat that does NOT last long around here!

Just dip the ends in the melted chocolate and butterscotch and into the sprinkles.  Once hardened, you can just put them in a bowl or bag them up for a simple gift.

 I made a whole tray of these and by the end of the night they were gone.  Every time my Dad walked by the tray he would "pop" one or two of these.  The crunchy salty goodness is too fantastic to pass up!

They also make darling "BIRTHDAY HAT" treats.  Darling at a birthday party!  FUN, FUN, FUN!!!

Talk about a simple quick gift for friends or neighbors at Christmas time.  Tasty elf hat if you ask me! There are an unreal amount  of possibility for these sweet and salty simple party dessert. It is a good replacement for the chocolate dipped pretzel. 
I like a cake pop, you like a cake pop...we all like a cake pop...BUT, sometimes I really don't want to spend the time making them.  Who doesn't like a Rice Krispie Treat?  We love Rice Krispie anything at our house.  These disappear just as fast as a cake pop only not as much work.  It is a good, quick party treat or bagged as a little gift or "take away" item.  

I began by poking the straws into the cubed Rice Krispie treat. I wanted to make sure the straws went in nicely before I added the chocolate.  
Next, I dipped the straws into melted chocolate and back into the treats.  When the chocolate hardened the Rice Krispie treat stays on the stick.  
Then the bottom into chocolate and then sprinkles.  We love sprinkles at our house!  They make every thing cuter!

Place in fridge to harden.  You can plate them, bag them, or put them straw side down in a jar.  I love when it is both cute and easy!! 

Make sure to leave a few just can't go wrong with the original soft Rice Krispie treat! 


  1. Quick question: Can you let the rice krispies cool over night and then still get the straws in? Or do they get too hard?

  2. Great concepts, but I really wish this included a recipe, or at least assembly instructions for the rice krispy treats. Like, how do you melt the chocolate and what kind of chocolate do you use? How did you form your treats so they ended up in cubes rather than bars when cut?