Tuesday, September 11, 2012


 These are simple and cheap ways to craft yourself right into Halloween. 
 Besides...you are never fully dressed without a smile....and really shiny fabulous accessories!!! 
With just these simple supplies you can make some great Halloween Crafts!  HAPPY CRAFTING!
This spider ring is to die for...just ask my 5 year old...she could hardly believe her eyes!   The best part is...cheap and homemade...the following are some easy crafts to make for Halloween. They would be good to use as accessories to Halloween Costumes or Spooky Halloween Party Favors.

  For my first trick...a Halloween Bracelet made from a recycled spool of ribbon.  
Might sound weird but...it works...that is all that matters.
Start by hot gluing ribbon to the inside of the spool and wrap the ribbon tightly around to cover all the cardboard ring.  Once the entire thing is covered, secure the ribbon by gluing the ribbon down in the inside of the bracelet.
Now, add your favorite decorations.  Feathers, ribbon, anything glittered, gems...it all is perfectly acceptable for this project.  
I use hot glue to secure my Halloween accents.  Let's get real...I use hot glue for everything!  :]
And that is a fast and easy Halloween Accessory!  NICE!  
The other one I made today is from a bracelet I bought at the dollar store.  I have to admit that it was pretty fancy to begin with. It is against my nature leave things alone...I can't leave well enough alone!

 To be honest...I will more than likely wear both of them at the same time...I know...I know...too much...It is Halloween!  I can do that at Halloween!
Oh! Plus....a Halloween Ring!
 Don't worry, it is easy! I made it so either I or my daughter could wear it.  I made it from an elastic band.  The type that holds a pony tail.  I used this because I can double it and wear it on my finger.  She can triple it and wear it on hers.  It is pretty self explanatory.

 I glued ribbon to an elastic to form a base to glue everything else to.  Felt would have worked just as well.  I used two pieces of ribbon.  One I glued to the inside of the elastic and another I glued on top.  Basically the elastic is sandwiched between the little pieces of ribbon.

Do you think it is too much?  Well, if you do, than you should immediately avert your eyes...cuz, it only gets worse!  Let's talk about Halloween Witch Hat Headbands.  This is a great thing for someone who wants to be festive but not go all out head to toe "witch".  A little black t-shirt and this killer headband...could there be a simpler Halloween costume!?!  I say no!

The witch hat is a little felt hat I bought at the craft store.  It was a bit over a dollar.  The headband was from the dollar store.  Easy to do...just glue!

Another favorite trick is the "tiny top hat".  

This is another recycled ribbon spool.  I use a lot of ribbon and hate to throw stuff away.  Hate to admit it but, I am a bit of a hoarder this way!  :]

I used sissors and cut away the excess overhang from the top edge.

 A little spray paint,
 TA-DA...a teeny top hat! No cost!

A little ribbon.
 Some crazy sparkly stuff and feathers. 
  I can't resist a little skeleton man.  This was a volunteer from the army of skeleton men I made earlier in the week.  Thank you for volunteering boney little man! 

Last but not least ribbon and the headband.  This headband is a shiny guy right from the bin of the dollar store.  It was perfect!  I would like to thank all that made this easy Halloween Craft  possible...mainly... my glue gun and the dollar store! You are making my Halloween dreams come true! 
One last little thing happened today...it was on the sweeter side of things. 

  The only thing that really needs esplaining is the stem.  I removed it and covered it with ribbon that was the same color as the headband.  Then I just glued the little guy right back in.  I do these kind of things cuz I am crazy.  Most people would not be bothered by the plastic stem...I on the other hadn would NOT be able to sleep tonight knowing this stem was not properly covered!!  :]

Next, I just added layers upon layers of fantastic ribbon.  I stopped when my heart told me it was enough.  I can't even tell you how much ribbon it was...follow your heart.  

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