Friday, September 7, 2012


Love these little guys! They are one of my favorite Halloween decorations. Not only are they adorable...they are cheap!!!   :]

 I can't think of Halloween without them.  They come from the dollar store.   By now you should know that I can't leave well enough, I sort of "JAZZ" them up!
 They come as a garland...4 guys for a dollar!  LOVE IT!

I simply cut the twine in between each skeleton and put a knot in the top.  I like the look of the twine, plus...I don't have to retie! 

 Next, I love this little trick...GLOSSY WOOD TONE SPRAY...great product. Available at most craft stores.  Several years ago one of my most creative friends turned me on to this spray stain ...I use it all the time now.  It makes everything look better.  (Thanks, will forever be a creative genius!)  :]  I like the look of these little guys sprayed with this brown stain.  They appear more "aged" and not so plastic.  I don't know if you can tell the difference in really just takes the yellowish tone out of the plastic.  Basically, it just makes every thing look better. 

 The black skeleton guys got a layer of Mod Podge and black glitter....all that glitters isn't gold...but sure does look better! 
 The little guys are ready for ribbon.  Why ribbon?...why not ribbon!?!  I like ribbon on everything.  Six or so inches of ribbon makes everything better.
Now, we are ready for business...I will put some on jars...
On little candy bags for the kids...
By my place settings...
On garlands...

 Or just piled in a box...

I have yet to make invitations for my Halloween can bet one of these little skeleton men will be tied on!  Thank you dollar store!  Thank you army of skeleton men!

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