Saturday, September 22, 2012


Burlap is one of the easiest fabrics to work with!  It is very forgiving and can be manipulated in many ways.  If the bizarre smell or the "scratchy-ness" does not bother are in business for a easy project! Believe me, I like to sew as much as the next guy but...any time I don't have to drag the old beast of a machine out I am happy!

I began by my measuring my table to figure out how big I wanted to make the runner.  Once I had those numbers I added about 8 inches to all four sides.  These additional inches enabled me to tie bows with ease.  I began at one side of the runner and pulled out strands of burlap.  I could only do a couple at a time. 

At this point I left all the other sides intact.  I didn't want the whole thing to fall apart! Then I just start making bows.  I used about between 16 and 20 strands per bow.  To be honest, I didn't count.  I just used what felt right.  That's how I do may drive some of you nuts...BUT, that is the way I work.  SORRY!

Once I had the first side all bowed, I pulled the thread from the other side and bowed that side. 
I just continued these steps until all four sides were bowed.  I think the most important thing was to only unravel one side at a time.  This kept everything neat and easy to handle.

I really like the burlap on a stark white table cloth.  I think it looks clean and simple.  Sometimes...just sometimes simple appeals to me!  This is one of those times.
I was really happy with how the corners turned out.  It lays great! 
I did have to do a little ironing to help the bows lay was worth the little bit of extra work!
This runner makes my heart happy! 

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