Wednesday, September 19, 2012


All I made more Poison bottles.  Once I had made a few...I just could not seem to stop.  Every bottle I saw seemed to cry out to me.  This is how I made Halloween Poison bottles from recycled items.  This bottle I dug out of my Mom's garbage is a plastic bubble bath bottle.

I soaked off the label and replaced it with a black and white piece of scrap book paper and then with a new label.  I found 1 piece of scrap book paper that was filled with all sorts of "poison" tags.  I made all of the following bottles out of that one piece of paper.  It was a couple of dollars.  I loved how many bottles that one piece of paper made!

 I glued a little piece of burlap on the top of the lid gluing it down over the edges.  Then I wrapped several strings of burlap around the bottle lid.  Once the lid was covered, I added a bow...CUZ I like to bow stuff!

 I also found jars from the dollar store.  I loved these fat little guys!

 I had a hard time getting the glue to stick right to the glass.  I solved this problem by hot gluing a piece of burlap right to the glass.  That stuck perfectly!  Plus...It also looked fabulous!

I really like these guys stacked.  I also decided to put spice the tops of these just in case I decided not to stack them. 
I was also quite pleased with the candy I found to fill these with.  Don't even wonder...I got the candy at the dollar store.  I give them WAAAAAAY more than just ONE of my dollars!

The next bottles are to die for...seriously...I found these bottles at "BIG LOTS".  I love to frequent this store around Halloween.  These were not in the Halloween section.  They were in the really clearance section.  They were leftovers from their beach and summer selection.  I paid only 1.25 a bottle.  The are big and perfect for my purposes!
I loved the twine weaving that was on the outside of the bottles but I removed the shells.  The orange bottle did not have anything on it so all I had to do to it was put a label on it! EASY!  CHEAP Halloween Decorations!  NICE!!!!

 For the top of the bottles I wrapped pieces of thread that I had pulled from burlap.  I wrapped them around the neck of the bottle several times and finishing off with a bow.  I love these bottles!

Once of my favorite recycled poision bottles is one I made from an empty Karo Syrup bottle.

I love this one...probably cuz it was free.  I simply could not put it in the garbage!  I started by spraying the plastic with a light coat of this "Glossy Wood Tone" spray.  The plastic takes it well.  It gave the bottle a nice brown aged look. 

 I glued black glitter to the top of the lid. 

I finished it off with string pulled from a piece of burlap.  He looks great mixed in with all of my other poison bottles! 
of theThe Book of Witch Spells was THE funnest thing I have done this year!
 The inside is even funner!  Is "funner" even a word?  What I am trying to say is that I like the inside book too!  :]

 This is what the book looked like before.  I bought it at Michael's Craft Store.  It was on sale for 6 bucks!

I decoupaged scrap book paper to the front and back pages.  
I did several layers of decorative papers.  I let each layer dry before adding the second layer.  This helps prevent bubbling.  

 I used hot glue on parchment paper to form the wording and spider webs.  Once the glue dried I glittered them.

I used modge podge to adhere the lettering and spider webs to the book.  
Next, I added Glitter leaves, twine bows, a little skeleton guy and a glittery spider near the spine of the book.  I made sure to place these accents in a way that I could still open the book. 

The inside is even funner!(is funner even a word?)   I found travel sized bottles in a cheap plastic traveling make up bag.  It was 2.00.  I figured they would make great poison bottles for my witch book.  

I just labeled them with a poison label I digitally downloaded.

I wanted the bottles to be "nested" with moss.  I think it looks creepy and it keeps the bottles in place.  I just hot glued it all along the bottom of the box.

Once the bottles were filled with candy they got a twine bow, and I snuggled them into the moss.  
I love the inside just as much as the outside!  I can't decide if I should leave it open or shut!?!  :]

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