Friday, September 14, 2012


You can't have a Halloween table without a proper center piece. This is how I made my new Halloween center piece. I used the black feather and burlap wreath as inspiration.  I am pretty happy with how it turned out. 
I made two.  One for each end of the dinning room table. These are some simple instructions on how to make a Halloween center piece.

I began with a little pots.  I have actually recycled them. They had very old, out of date arrangements in them .  I pulled out the old junk and painted the containers black.  Next, I packed the container with floral foam and covered the top with a nice thick layer of moss.  Believe  it or not the foam and moss were bought at the dollar store.  Thank you Dollar Tree! :]
I  removed the pumpkin stem and painted it black.  I also added a little glitter to the white pumpkin.  Neither of these two things are absolutely necessary...I just fuss over little things!   The picks I used are from Michael's.  The cheap little picks you find in their floral department work really well for this type of thing.  They are never very expensive, usually between 1 and 2 dollars. 

 I began by hot gluing some of the bigger picks in the corner.  I also glued wooden picks in the bottom of the pumpkin.  This helps to secure the pumpkin.  The wooden picks will go through the moss and into the foam beneath. 
 I always like a little height in an arrangement, the curly glitter picks were perfect for this !
Next, came the twine bows.  This is just several layers of twine I have tied into bows and glued in place.  

For the black and white ribbon.  Always my favorite part!!! It makes it a little sassy.  I like ribbon immensely but, it can be pretty pricey.  This is a little trick I came up with to make it look like I have nice big bows only I have used way less ribbon.  Cut pieces of ribbon, loop them over, use a little hot glue, and pinch the ends together. You can then attach a wooden pick to the pinched part of the ribbon loop or just glue it right in. 
These make a perfect center piece because they are big enough to fill the void space but low enough for my guests to see and talk over them.  They will make a nice addition to my Halloween table.  :]


  1. I loved your poison bottles and wondered where you get the label to download. Thanks!

  2. To be honest they were something my crazy sister down loaded a while ago. I am not sure where she got them from. She buys her stuff all over. There are tons of free poision labels out there. Good Luck!