Sunday, August 26, 2012


I wanted a new Halloween Wreath this year.  I am happy how it turned out...Not many people put burlap and glitter together...BUT...I do!  Glitter makes everything better!
I found this black feather wreath at the craft store, I fell in love with it immediately.  Just a few orange and black glitter picks, a white pumpkin and a burlap ruffle....what else can a girl ask for!?!  Oh....fabulous ribbon!
I began by taking the stem off the pumpkin (it was an awful plastic brown) and I painted it with black paint.  Next, I wanted the white pumpkin to I painted him with a coat of glitter paint.

You can see how the glitter changes the look of the pumpkin. I LOVE IT!
The pumpkin is the biggest item on this wreath.  I needed to make sure that it is secure.  I didn't want this guy popping off mid season.  This is how I prepared my pumpkin for the wreath... 

I decided I wanted the focal point to be in the lower right "corner" of the wreath.  (I know, I know....wreaths don't have corners.) I began by gluing my picks around the area where I wanted my pumpkin to be.  This sort of makes a little "nest" for the pumpkin.
Here I have added orange glittered leaves and two additional black feather picks.  I use hot glue on the "stem" part of the leaf and feather picks and stick them right into the foam wreath form. 
 Next the little pumpkin guy goes in. I will stick the wire from the pumpkin all the way through the foam wreath form, bend the wire flat to the wreath, glue it down with hot glue and finish it off by covering it with black ribbon. (this makes it looks nice even from the back)   

Next came my favorite part.....THE RIBBON...I love ribbon! 
Don't be afraid of a big bow...they are easy...I tie several one dimensional bows and layer them.  

  I keep the bows in line with a ribbon knotted in the back....EASY! I use hot glue on the back knotted part of the bow to attach it to the wreath. 
Once my biggest main bow was attached, I attached several other layers of ribbon, never, ever too much ribbon.  These bow were all tied the same way.  
I wanted this wreath to be more substantial, my simplest answer to the problem...,burlap ruffle! Cheap and easy! I ruffled the burlap just like I did in the burlap flower I made for my door.(posted previously)  I simply hot glued the finished burlap ruffle to the back of the foam wreath form.  I really liked the additional width and fullness that the ruffle added.  
 At this point I also added attached bigger orange glitter picks and a burlap ribbon.  
The final touches were black glitter pick leaves.  I love it...I sort of don't care that it is still August, I want to hang it now!

 I am almost ready for trick-or-treaters!

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