Friday, August 17, 2012


So after days and days of looking at my latest creation... "The Halloween Table Runner"...I decided there was something missing!   I can never leave good enough alone!  I admit it...I obsess!  So what!?!  I added two additional layers of burlap it is perfect!

This is the runner before the burlap and.....

 ...this is after!

There may be those of you who like
the runner better before the burlap ruffles...I grew up in a house that more was always better.  I can't help but like the burlap layers added to it. 

All I did was pull one of the strings in the middle of the burlap "ribbon".  This ruffles the burlap.  Then I hand sewed it to the runner.  I hand sewed it because my machine was being stubborn.  Normally I would have used my machine.  The presser foot kept getting caught in the loose weave of the burlap.  I wish you better luck.    The roll of burlap comes from the craft store "JOANN'S".  Maybe now I will be satisfied with my Halloween Runner??!...Maybe not!?!   :]


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