Monday, August 13, 2012


I began my Halloween preparations today!!! I know Halloween is weeks and weeks away but,  I love Halloween! I started this years prep. with a new table runner.  The Halloween fabric was on sale this week...I simply had to! I made this Runner for just a couple of pennies over 10 bucks!  LOVE IT!
I found black burlap at the fabric store.  I wanted to use it for the body of the runner.  Do you know how to cut burlap?  Most people just go at it with scissors.  This leaves very tattered edges and uneven strings.  The best way to cut burlap is to find where you want it cut and pull out a string from the weave.
See the space above where the string was pulled?  That is the line I will follow to cut the burlap.  This leaves the edges as even as possible, and very little unraveling. Once I had the burlap the size I wanted it, I sewed the edges under. 

I cut two different fabrics (by the width) into 4 inch strips, and gathered them by hand.  (call me crazy but, I like to gather by hand.  :] )
I pinned the ruffles on the runner and then sewed them on. 

Once the first ruffle was on, I pinned the next layer in place and sewed it on.  I left the edges of my ruffles raw.  It is for Halloween, I figured it was appropriate to have tattered edges!  I have to say...easy and I love it!   :]

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