Friday, December 28, 2012


2012 ends with a party and 2013 begins with a party. I don't know who I need to thank for that calendering genius... who ever you have  my utmost respect.  I can't think of a better situation. So I say...let the preparation begin and party on!

   Basically, December is a month long party around here.  I am not even mad about that, in fact, I rather enjoy it.   2013 will begin my favorite way…glitter!  I made a quick trip to the dollar store AS I am always want to do.  Once home I  made a few simple changes to the already fantastic items and well…basically we are ready to party. All of my decorating is done, I will think about what I am going to serve tomorrow.  But, as for now...It looks so shiny!
I digitally made and printed a few simple things on the computer, gave them a little glue, and glitter...BAM! is a party!
I didn't want to dedicate much time to a banner...I just made a shorty with the numbers of the new year.   It is hung between two wreath hangers.  The wreath hangers are strong enough to hold this New Year's swag and a couple of disco balls!  This glitter hat has been embellished and hangs from the other wreath hanger top. 

These simple glitter hats were a dollar.  I loved them.  I made a few a little fancier for my serving table.   Tinsel and a recycled Christmas stick on bow to really spices this guy up.
I received several bottled beverages from my neighbors and friends this year for Christmas.  I pretty much horded  them for just this occasion.  I Modge Podged glitter to the bottles with the  "Outdoor" Modge Podge.  The bottle says this product will allow me to put what ever I have covered outside and it will be protected from the elements.  I am trying this because I figure the glittered bottle should be able to withstand sitting in an ice bucket.  We will see!?! I also recycled Christmas gold wrapping paper. It is wrapped around the belly of this bottle.  I like the way this guy looks too. 

This is a quick  and easy New Years Eve craft project that makes a big difference! It uses far less glitter than you think...go for it!

What is New Year's Eve without a little noise making? We always do our partying with the family so there is plenty of noise VIA the "Little's."  However,  I did get several fun things that are sure to please my tiniest of New Year's Eve guests.  
If you haven't noticed New Year's Eve Party is strictly following a gold and silver theme.  I think this is not only beautiful and classic...AND, there is so much in the stores right after Christmas in these colors.  There is lots of shiny items in these colors in the clearance section.  I try to take advantage of that isle all I can.   Re-purposed Christmas wrapping paper and "stick on" bows to are a great way to cheaply decorate.  The horns came 6 for a dollar.  I unwrapped those pre-made sticky bows and glued it to the edges.  I found really fancy horns like these in Party City only those fancy horns are like 4 bucks a piece.  With a little hot glue and about 20 minutes I made 20 for $4.00.  For some twisted reason I really get a high off of that!?! Who knows?  
The packages of horns I bought had mixed colors...usually red is a favorite... there is just no room at this particular party for red this year.  Anything that was not in my color covered in paper or glittered. YUP...I totally ripped off the red horn part and glued tinsel and glitter around the noise maker part.  I am not ashamed of my craziness.   
These next little babies are fantastic.  If you buy them at Party City you get 3 for $4.99.  However, being the super cheap party shopper that I am...I found them 2 for $1.00.  Love them even more now.  If you were not crazy, you would just open them up and put them in a bowl for your guests...I however, can't stand that they  will not follow my color scheme. 

ARRRGG!  No worries!  They wrap nicely in recycled Christmas paper...A little glitter on top and they are perfect.  
You twist the bottom and there is a little "POP" sound then confetti and streamers spring out.  LOVE IT!  I mostly love these because the pieces are a good size to clean up.  I am a little disturbed that the streamers are not all gold and silver! I am willing to over look that detail...BUT, just barely. I strive for perfection in theme...I fall short every time.   :(
I made a simple change to disposable champagne glasses.  I added hot glue to the base rim and dipped them in glitter.  It is the little things that make me so happy!
I always use glass jars as filler on a serving table.  I can't help it, I love the way they look.  I found tons of disco ball looking ornaments in the after Christmas sales.  For some reason they were completely overlooked in many of the craft stores during the holiday rush.  However, these little mirrored ornaments make adorable mini disco balls.  Hobby Lobby had stacks of these shiny guys.  They were so cheap...I had to! They filled the jars nicely.  
I also used those little "egg" looking shiny ribbon balls...You know the type... They are super cheap to begin with but in the after Christmas sales they were like a quarter.  I didn't even have to curly them.   I just unraveled them and tied a big messy bunch  on.  I also found tiny clock faces at Joann's they made great little accents for my New Year's Eve jars. 

I made several different digital New Year's Eve printouts.  I basically cut them out, hot glued the edges (Ain't nobody got time for regular glue) and glittered them.  I put them everywhere...Jars, party hats, a swag, bottle tops, and little picks. I wanted some of them to be round shaped so I cut out the big circle in the center of the tags.  They are very versatile. 
 Lets get serious for a moment...I did no laundry, my floor is covered in  glitter, and we will be buying dinner. I do no exercising on these days, wore no makeup, and my Christmas tree is still up!  However, my 5 year old daughter and I had a great time glittering today!  

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