Tuesday, December 4, 2012


The first Sunday of December our family gathers to decorate Gingerbread Houses.  It is the perfect way to begin the Christmas season.  We had a lovely Sunday dinner then busted out the frosting and sprinkles, ending the with one of my favorite Christmas Desserts and a festive “jam” session. 
This dessert takes a little time but, it is well worth the effort.  Who doesn't like a cake roll!?! 
Rolled Red Velvet 
 Peppermint Swirl filling.

The night was fun, I had a great time setting up and planning for this party.  It is a party I do every year and will continue to do every year.  I do it for my own my own enjoyment, it makes me happy!  I am even going to put it out there that my sister-in-law  Alyssa decided we like the houses no candy... just bows...Seriously...easiest Christmas center piece ever! 
 There was frosting all over the kitchen, sprinkles all over the counter tops, and the smell of ginger bread filled the air.  Don’t get me wrong…whenever there is a gathering of children there is also plenty of “That’s mine!”, “No fair!”, and several crying eyes.  All in all it is a wonderful Children’s Christmas Party.
  One of my other sister- in- laws has taught her children that after decorating their house, they display it for the season.  Then, on Christmas Eve, they put out cookies for Santa and leave the gingerbread house out for the reindeer to eat.  ADORABLE! I loved her idea and we adopted this Christmas tradition a few years back.  The kids love it!
 Before everyone gets to the house, I hot glue the houses together.  This is easier for me and WAAAAY faster! 

I buy our favorite decorating items.  
 I display the houses, candy, cookies, sprinkles, and frosting for the little guys to pick from. 
 The kids are so cute to watch…they LOVE the sprinkle counter.  Well, I do to…anything with tiny spoons calls my name. 
I had so many half filled bottle of Christmas sprinkles from years past...Do sprinkles go bad? Anyway I bought these little jars 2 for a buck at the dollar store.  I filled the jars and put tiny spoons out.  FUN!
 I have little bowls out for the kids to load up and take back to their houses. They are very serious about this project!
 Some of the kids get a little crazy with the candy but, that is the point…right!?!

The night turned out great...we had all sorts creative little houses.  They did a great job!

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  1. These ginger bread houses are really awesome. Just simply loved them. Currently planning my sister’s bridal shower at one of Chicago event venues. Looking for great ideas for the day. Want to throw a memorable party.