Monday, December 10, 2012


Poinsettia flowers have always been a Christmas favorite.  
  I like them both outside on the porch and inside as centerpieces or easy Christmas decorations. Either way...simple, beautiful color in minutes!  LOVELY!!! 

Decorating with poinsettias is a cinch!  Did you know they make excellent cut flowers? It took several years for me to realize that a poinsettia doesn’t necessarily have to be in dirt.  I don’t know why such a simple concept took so long to grasp…but it did.  Of course, they are not going to last as long but, you can easily get 5 or more days really good days out of them. If they are in clean fresh water, I have had them stay beautiful for over a week.   If I am using a poinsettia as a center piece I like to use them as cut flowers.  
I have pulled a couple of pictures, a cream tiny dish, and even a gravy boat to serve as vases.  Using clear tape on the opening of the container helps keep the flowers from tipping. 

I cut the flower off at an angle and remove any unwanted leafs. I think several little vases look good together.   I made all of these arrangements using a half of a med. sized poinsettia plant. I was right around $3.oo at Walmart.  You can really stretch that poinsettia plant using them as cut flowers.  I made these arrangements the day before my party and they were perfect for several days.   
There are still several flowers left to that plant...not a bad deal for 3 or 4 bucks! With the other half of the plant I will use red bowls.  You really can use anything you have that will hold water!.  Just remember to make sure there is plenty of water...they go dry, they die!

These little guys are perfect for a table center piece as well…You can easily see over them.  That is an important consideration to a center piece.  If your guests can’t talk…your guests get bored! can really jazz them up by placing that small bowel IN something tall and spectacular!   All I did was put that red bowl on top of the ornaments in this glass jar.  It even works well with a tiny jar...
Easy, easy....Good color and a little goes a long way! 

We always use poinsettia in our front porch decorating.  The black urns that sit on the front porch serve us well all year long.  They transition from Halloween to Thanksgiving and right into Christmas.

  Love these black urns.  My favorite is bright red poinsettia on the porch...make me so happy!

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