Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I love spring!  I love everything about it!  I could not wait until I got to begin my Easter decorating!  I have said it before and I will say it again...I always begin with  the front door…It just seems like the right place to start.  First impressions are important!  I welcome spring with a rather full and very pink bunny wreath.  I admit there is a LOT of pink going on here.  It isn't like me to go so pink, I guess I am feeling a little precious this year!  
I try to do simple...I really do.  Each time I start a project I say to myself ..."simple"...and..."less is more"...restraint is difficult for me!   I seem to fail every time!  It is in my nature to go overboard! SORRY!

I use a table top wreath hanger when making my wreaths.   I like having the option on either hanging it on the door or use it "table-top" style!  I change my mind so often that versatility is vital around my house! 
See what I mean!?!?!? It looks great free standing!  This guy might have several different resting places before the season is over!  My favorite part is the bunny face...LOVE THAT BUNNY FACE!!!

Happy Spring!

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