Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Easter is a pretty big deal at our house.  My Mother taught me gross excess when it comes to holiday celebration.  She is QUEEN when of all Easter Garden Parties!  I learned everything I know from my Angel Easter Bunny Mother!  It wouldn’t surprise me to find out that she was at least a  ¼ genuine Easter Bunny!  The old girl has taught me the love of facilitating joy and wonderment in even the tiniest of family members.  I live to see their little faces smile with delight!  This year, like all previous years, we are having a Family Easter Egg Hunt.  I thought it would be fun to have small signs to fill the yard and garden.  
I wanted them to direct the children but, most of all I wanted them to help make the party look fantastic!  My crazy sister facilitated this wish for me!  I am a tiny bit in love with them.   They look adorable in the garden.  I sent them to Walmart to be printed but, they can easily be printed from home.  I bought cheap dowels from the craft store and glued the signs right on!

I have decorated the  garden for a spring garden party we are having for the kids.  It is a bit  overboard it a dainty sort of way...Once I started I had a had a difficult time knowing when to stop...that's how I roll! 

Is Easter Egg Hunting a competition? ...of course it is!  Our family is a bit competitive and there seems to always be a winner.  Somebody always get more eggs, somebody always gets more candy, and somebody always finds more quarters!  It is a rough business!  
 I don’t know if we will be awarding this prize button to our Easter Egg winner or if we will just let Mr. Bunny be the winner!  I think Mr. Bunny looks fantastic proudly wearing his award!  Secretly, I think this is funny!   I grew up  with 5 brothers and a sister.  Easter morning was always an event...someone always cried!  There was a desperate hunt for baskets and eggs I never wanted to be the LAST one to find my basket
 It seems to me that the stinking bunny made it really difficult for several of my siblings to find their baskets.  I am not sure but, as I look back there was a particular brother who couldn't ever find his basket...inevitably each year he would be standing basket-less crying while everyone was enjoying the spoils of the new basket!   My parents would laugh and then we would all pitch in to help find his basket.  That bunny must have thought all year about the perfect new hiding spot!  The bunny is a stinker!!!!!

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